Friday Roundup: Let’s save some money

by Kristina on May 27, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Friday DINKS! I hope you all had a great week.  Today we are discussing different and easy ways that we can save money.  This includes changing our mentality and taking the time to shop around and find the best deal. Sometimes the effort to try and save money should be taken to the extreme and we should just stay at home.

I personally try to save money by sticking to my personal budget.  This year my goal is to want less.  If I want less then I will spend less, and therefore I will save more money.

FOX News feels that we should always save at least 10% of our pay check.  They list moving back in with our parents as a way to save money.  I believe that if we cut down on all major expenses which include our housing costs, transportation costs, as well as food we can save money.  Moving in with our parents may be a way for us to save on our housing costs.  However it could also include renting out a room in our home or turning our basement into a bachelor apartment and renting it out.

Here are some great posts from around the web about different ways to save money:

  • The Simple Dollar talks about the need to always want nicer things when we have money in the post The Danger of the Rich Act.
  • Moneyville says that the inflated prices of gas and other commodities should automatically prevent us from spending money in the post Gas Price Keep Us Home This Weekend.
  • Money Crashers advises us to save money by shopping around for the best deal in the post The 5 Best Online Tech Deals Sites to Save Money on Discount Electronics.
  • Get Rich Slowly answers a readers question about the moral implication of just spending money on stuff in the post Ask the Readers: But What If I am Materialistic?

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