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by Kristina Tahnyak on February 4, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Friday DINKS! As bloggers, we all love finance. We all love writing about money and sharing our personal experiences with you, the readers.  But sometimes bloggers just need a day off…Enter the wonderful concept of Guest Posts.

Guest posts are a great way to drive new traffic to any blog.  Guest Posts are also a great way to test out a new writer who we may want to become a regular featured writer on an existing blog.

A guest post lets readers see the point of view of another blogger, as well as discuss other topics that may otherwise be untouched.

This is my favourite guest post on DINKS:

Laura Adams wrote this post in April called “Should you live on a cash budget?” I love Laura’s writing style because it is relatable and easy to read.  As you may remember I am not a huge fan of accumulating debt.  I think the world would be a much better place if we all lived on a cash budget, but I know it is probably only my opinion.

Here are some of my favourite guest posts from around the Web:

Molly wrote a post for The Side Hustle Series on Budgets Are Sexy.  This series features guest posts by actual readers who all have a side hustle job which is outside of their normal day job. In this guest post Molly discusses her side hustle of being a Chicken Farmer.  I have to be honest; the first thing I thought about after reading this post was Kevin Skinner from America’s Got Talent

Lisa Cintron wrote a guest post on Financial Samurai about Annuities. As a Personal Financial Planner I am not a big fan of annuities because they are inflexible and usually only a good investment option for a specific type of client.  However, if their personal financial situation is fitting, I guess Annuities could play a key role in retirement or estate planning.  Annuities are a great financial product for people who want to do nothing more than live off of their fixed (and inflexible) income. No budget required.

I wrote this guest post for Budgets Are Sexy called “If he can’t put a ring on it, then he can’t sign for it.”  This guest post discusses the debate of whether to make couples finances joint if they are not yet married.

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