Friday Roundup: Blogging, Questions, and Answers

by Kristina on January 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Friday DINKS. Today we are discussing our online business and the lives that we lead online as anonymous bloggers.  For some of us our online personalities reflect our real life personalities.  But for some others being anonymous online allows us to be free and more open with our opinions, views and questions.  Being an anonymous blogger online allows us to break free from our (maybe) moulded life.

The exact same is true for those of us who choose to conduct our personal financial business online.  I am the first to admit that online banking is extremely convenient, but I also love it because it is anonymous.  To ING Bank I am client 55899821.  I don’t have to meet a financial advisor, I didn’t have to agree to a credit background check, and I never have to visit an ING bank branch.  I like the fact that my business relationship with ING is based online, and not based on my personal relationship with a financial advisor or branch manager.

In our real lives we can’t always express our feelings and be honest due to our fear of rejection or non acceptance.  Sometimes we just don’t ask questions because we think our question may be stupid.  However, online we can ask our questions anonymously. We can get honest answers from personal financial professionals and other personal finance bloggers who may be experiencing the same situations.

Sometimes we can’t always figure out our own problems. Sometimes we have questions that are too personal to ask our friends and family. Blogging online and asking questions anonymously are great ways to get advice from personal financial professionals as well as interact with other people who have the same questions that we want to ask.

Do you have a personal finance question? Ask us and we will be happy to answer!  We can respond to you individually, or we can post your question along with our answers and advice on the blog to help other readers.

Here are some other readers who got answers to their personal finance questions online:

  • Clever Dude gives advice to a reader about paying down debt in his post $18,000 in Credit Card Debt.
  • Blonde and Balanced answers two reader questions about combining finances.
  • Free Money Finance has a link on his blog where readers can ask questions and get answers.  He posts the answers and questions online so that other readers can get advice.

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