Seven Ways to Save Money On Cigarettes

by Dual Income No Kids on November 6, 2009 · 1 comment

Hi All,

One thing about living in a smaller building in DC is that you get to know your neighbors. Well, one of our neighbors has a boyfriend who is a long time smoker. We got to talking money and tobacco one evening while sharing drinks on our porch and specifically about how you can shave a few bucks off your expenses if you are a smoker.

So, here are eight ways to save money on cigarettes.

1) Quitting. If you stop smoking you’ll save a ton. On average, people who enjoy tobacco smoke about 10 cigarettes per day. This translates into roughly 3 and a half packs per week. At around 7 bucks a pack, you’re looking at roughly $100 a month. So if you quit the tobacco then you’d add a significant margin to your budget. Cost reasons aside, another good reason to quit is public opinion. Polite company views tobacco use as ill mannered and common. This means that smokers will have a harder time getting good jobs, romantic partners or advancing in their careers. In addition there are lots of health reason to quit, but this is well covered elsewhere. You can start transitioning to vaping – which is the trend now since a lot of people observed that it  is a good way to the start of the path of actually quitting smoking.

2) Plan ahead. Buy cartons when they are on sale.

3) Switch to generic brands. High end premium brands like Camel or Marlboro cost more than generic or second tier tobacco products like Mustang or Quality light. Consider downgrading to save some money.

4) Ask for discounts. You might find that your vendor has cigarette packs that have been damaged or have brands that aren’t selling well. They might be willing to let you have this tobacco for a discount if you ask.

5) Look for specialty stores. Look on the internet for stores in your area that specialize in cigarettes (also known as cigarette stores or tobacco shops). These places often have better prices, are more tuned into promotional offers, and in addition they don’t look down on you for being a smoker.

6) Go online. There are several websites on-line that can provide you with discounted cigarettes. The only thing is that most of these places want to sell you smokes by the carton. That’s fine if you’re a long term smoker, but if you just want a pack or two this might not make sense for you. Also there are a couple of good websites that can hook you up with coupons for cigarettes. Try or

7) Other ideas. This does not work for everyone, but you could consider visiting a local Indian reservation. Many reservations are off the beaten track, but you might consider going for a cigarette buying road trip. Beware, many people maintain that cigarettes sold on Native American reservations are exempt from Federal taxation, but the truth is its a legal grey area. So be careful if you are loading up on Native American tobacco, lest you run afoul of the tax man.

Happy Smoking!



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1 Will November 1, 2012 at 8:30 pm

I started rolling my own and found that the technology is a lot better than when I was a lot younger. The tobacco is the same or better than store bought and the machines roll them pretty quick. I went from spending $50-$70/carton to less than $10/carton. Got a starter pack for only $55 and each pound rolls about 3 cartons. Saved $120 after counting the money I spent on the machine from my first purchase and get all of my roll your own stuff from
Probably save about $1,800 my first year, that’s definitely nothing to sneeze at.

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