How To Get A Free Cruise

by Dual Income No Kids on November 16, 2007 · 0 comments

In keeping with our travel theme this week I’m posting about how go on a cruise – for free!

Well, not exactly for free. But if you have the right combination of skills and talent you can sometimes land a short term job on a cruise ship. By short term, we mean 7 days to 3 months. In doing this, you get the opportunity to travel and see new and exciting places.
There are several steps to landing a cruise ship job.

First, you should decide where you want to go. You might consider picking up a something like The Complete Idiots Travel Guide To Cruise Locations, or Frommer’s Caribbean Cruises and Ports of Call. These cover everything you need to know about planning a cruise, saving money, booking, etc.

Second, land the job. You’ll have to contact the cruise line directly to see what their openings and availability are. There are usually several types of cruise ship jobs. A lot of them are mundane, like working retail, cooking staff, sales, etc. But, some of the other ones are a bit more interesting. For example some cruise ships are looking for history buffs or other port-of-call guides, bird watchers, geologists, etc. They also need medical works, so if you’re a dentist, doctor or nurse, you might get your cruise paid for!

Keep in mind that some of the jobs are quite unique as well. For instance, older gentleman are hired to dance with single widows. Not a bad gig if you ask me! If you are a poker whiz or like bridge, there is likely something for you in the game room. Yoga teachers, life guards, baby-sitters, DJs, these are all needed on a floating holiday.

Okay, after you figure out what your skills are, the thing to do is start selling yourself. Contact the cruise lines! We can’t include all of the employment contacts for the entire cruise industry, but Royal Caribbean is here, and Carnival is here.

Step three is negotiate! We DINKs are big on negotiating, so we recommend that you ask a number of questions before taking the job. Queries like:

1. How long will I be working?

2. Can I go ashore when the ship is at port?

3. What are my accommodations on board the ship?

All are great questions to ask. You should probably get the standard information about salary, wages, withholdings, etc. while you’re doing the negotiating process.

Finally, if you like the idea, you’ll probably want more information. You might consider Cruise Page for some good question and answers about the business. This site recommends that, ” To get a cruise ship employment focus only on the 15 major cruise lines because they offer 97% from all cruise ship jobs and that’s why are the only ones worth your attention and application efforts.”

A lot of cruise ship webpages seem to have gone out of business recently, so as with the rest of the internet: Google is your friend!



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