Precious Metals

by Dual Income No Kids on January 1, 2006 · 0 comments

While the merit of precious metals can be debated, we DINKs still like them. From James’ addiction with buying shiny silver coins on the way home from the office, to Miel’s adventures in the Gold Souks of Dubai, we can’t seem to stay away. We continue to buy silver on and off, including great deals of silver bullion for $1.95 until the phone calls started coming.

How to buy gold., or why buying precious metals in a down economy might be worth while, and reflections on how the Great Depression effected views around precious metals.

According to Reuters news the gold bullion exchange traded fund GLD is now the second largest ETF in America. The rise of gold (Feb 2009):

As we ponder questions like, “Is the gold standard that great?” and “What’s up with gold?”

Plus, of course fun stuff like Fox News On Aliens and Gold!

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