Getting Serious With Joshua Kennon’s Investing Blog

by James on July 24, 2014 · 1 comment


If you get a chance, consider checking out Joshua Kennon’s Investing blog.  The author is a self employed entrepreneur from the Midwest who owns a a business selling Letterman jackets to high school sports teams. Unlike a lot of finance writers on the web, Joshua’s knows a ton about investing and small business management – as a result he writes about topics the average personal finance blogger just doesn’t cover. So his site is a great read for people who’ve moved beyond eliminating their debt and are looking to get serious in business or equity markets.

If you’re looking for investing ideas, discussions of finance methodology or just a viewpoint on investing strategy, Joshua’s blog is worth the visit.

joshua kennon

He’s got several postings which are useful if you are motivated to accumulate wealth. Check out:

How to Increase Your Net Worth

A Prescription for Building Wealth

What the Rich Really Collect.

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