How To Get Rich In Real Estate

by James on November 18, 2013 · 1 comment

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Ah yes, real estate.  A favorite of many small and starting investors. Well, if you’ve got some capital and are looking to get a sense of what a realistic three to five year real estate investing strategy looks like, I recommend you check out the following video by Jay Morrison. At 30.21 Its a bit longer than most of the videos we post here, so grab a beer, some tea, milk or whatever you’re drinking and kick back.

Morrison oversimplifies a lot, and he says nothing about mortgages, the impact of taxation or the practicalities of running a real estate business. That said the video is basically right on. How do I know this? Because my wife Miel and I pretty much followed the strategy he’s outlining. It works. The approach requires a lot of saving and sweat equity, but it does make money.

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