Shopping with your spouse…is it a crazy idea?

by Kristina on August 1, 2013 · 7 comments

Good morning Dinks.  As we all know there are many differences between men and women, from our spending habits to our views about what’s important it’s clear that we may just be from different planets.

On our recent vacation to Niagara Falls I learned about another very important difference between men and women – shopping.  Maybe money views between men and women are due to the fact that men have a tendency to be more aggressive while women tend to be more conservative.  Or maybe money management styles differ between men and women because women like to be in control and organized while men have a more “go with the flow” attitude…whatever that means.

Men and women and money – why are we so different?

My boyfriend Nick and I spent a day shopping at outlets during our recent vacation to Niagara Falls and to say that our experience was very different – even though we were in the same place, doing the same thing – would be an understatement.

My boyfriend considers shopping to be the activity when he goes into a store and buys something new.  As this may be the actual definition of making a purchase, the experience of shopping is so much more for me.  I could spend a whole day browsing through stores, trying to find the best deal and people watching.

Shopping for a whole day doesn’t mean that I spend more money than my boyfriend, it just means that it’s more of an experience rather than just a task to complete on my to do list for the day.  Shopping is a very enjoyable experience for me.  I could go “shopping” every Saturday even though I don’t buy anything.  My boyfriend only goes “shopping” when he needs something.

Do you shop with your spouse?

Nick and I have been together for many years and it’s not the first time that we have gone shopping together. Although everything in our daily lives is pretty much separated.  We have individual banking and we do our groceries separately, it bothered me at first but now I actually prefer it that way.

We have needed new dishes for some time now, actually for a very long while.  We found a home deco store at the outlets and we decided to go in and finally make the commitment to buy new dishes.  We both liked the second set of dishes that we saw and they were on sale so my boyfriend picked up the box to bring them to the cashier so we can pay and leave.

I wanted to continue browsing throughout the store to see if we could find a set of dishes that we like better or find a new set of dishes at a better price.  My boyfriend rolled his eyes at me and said “but why? We already agreed on theses ones.”

We agreed that we both liked them but we didn’t agree that they were the best.  In my boyfriends eyes if you like something then you should buy it, but I believe in shopping around for the product that we like the best or for a product that we like the second best but at the best price.

Help me out here.  Who do you shop like – me or my boyfriend?

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