I chose love over money. Was I wrong?

by Kristina on January 31, 2013 · 15 comments

A lot of people don’t the story that I am about to share with you, actually I haven’t even announced it on my personal blog but lately I have been dealing with some personal issues.  As you may know I was very unhappy at my previous job working as a financial planner in a bank branch.  I didn’t hate the job, actually I love financial planning, I just hated all of the office politics and sales pressure that comes with working in a bank.

I didn’t want to work in a bank branch anymore because I wanted to be a writer.  I went back to school and worked my butt off finding freelance work so that I could build my technical knowledge along with my writing portfolio.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Like many people do, when I was searching for a new job I applied to several different positions hoping to get a call back from at least one.  I ended up getting a call back from two different companies and I interviewed for two very different (but both communications) positions.  The first position was with a well established international finance company and the second position was with the employer that I was already working for.  The first position was in the city where I live (Montreal) and the second position was in a city near my hometown (Toronto).

I have been wanting to move back to Toronto for many years but I have just never made the move because my boyfriend of 13 years doesn’t want to go. Actually he doesn’t want to go anywhere (not even New York City) he wants to stay put because he likes it here.

Why I couldn’t tell my family

To make a long story short I was offered both positions and I chose to leave my former employer to start fresh in a new position, in a new department and at a new company.  I couldn’t tell my family about my dilemma or my decision because they just wouldn’t understand.  They didn’t agree with my decision to move away from home (I am the only family member to ever leave) over a decade ago, they don’t understand why I still live here and they definitely wouldn’t understand my choice not to come back.  I guess this is why I am sharing my story here – because you will give me an unbiased opinion on the situation.

In order for me to leave my long time boyfriend and start my entire life over at 32 years old I told myself that the money would have to be worth it, but it wasn’t.  I am making a little bit more money at the job that I accepted and I didn’t have to turn my entire life upside down.  This time I chose love over money, but next time maybe I won’t.  Is that a bad decision?

I know three different people who moved away from their marriage for a new job, I always wondered if they were really in love and happy to begin with.  Maybe some people prioritize money over love so when a great career opportunity comes along they can’t turn it down. Or maybe people who leave their marriage for a new career were never really happy with their spouse and they use a new career opportunity as a way out.

What do you think – would you chose money over love if a profitable career opportunity presented itself?

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