Credit Card Debate – Post Thought

by James & Miel on June 25, 2007 · 0 comments

The dust has now cleared and everyone has voiced their opinions for or against using credit cards for their incentive programs. It was evident from the vigor with which people expressed their opinions and the sheer volume of comments that passions run high when it comes to credit cards.

This leaves me considering: why? What is it that propels people to have such strong opinions for or against credit cards. Credit cards are clearly not a means that one becomes wealthy by incentives alone. By the number of comments we got in favor of credit cards it would seem that it was the best deal around to make money.

It seems that credit cards must be a more “sexy” topic that all can relate to, as opposed to other financial issues that we discuss. Clearly there are more productive ways to make money than simply getting deals from credit cards, as while it might get you free plane tickets and so forth, even the 1% cash back won’t really help with inflation as it is.

Perhaps it comes down to more of a game than for outright financial gain. I’d have to say that it does feel good beating someone at their own game. At the same time we are likely all better served by focusing on ways to make real financial gains. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.



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