Rethinking Loral Langemeier

by James & Miel on May 11, 2007 · 0 comments

A few weeks back, I wrote a rather scathing review of Loral Langemeier‘s book, The Millionaire Maker. Since then, the book has been hanging around on my shelf while we decided what to do with it. A couple of days ago, I grabbed it and started leafing through it.

In retrospect, perhaps I’d been overly harsh in my evaluation of Langmeier. After re-reading some of her book I was motivated to take the following steps:

1) I opened a checking account for our blog. While we aren’t making a ton of cash, having a separate account will help us think critically about allocating funds to reinvest in our blog (e.g. by buying our domain name registry, getting paid links to high traffic sites, etc.). Langemeier is big on restructuring your personal financial picture to make yourself more efficient, so I followed suit.

2) I bought an additional $50.00 in savings bonds. Some of this $50 was from cash we had on-hand, but I raised another little bit by selling a Barnes and Noble giftcard on craigslist. Langemeier is big on taking action and even though the interest rate on EE bonds is awful right now, by buying the bonds at least we’re moving forward.

While neither of these actions follows Langemeier’s recommendations specifically, reading her book did help me get motivated to take action, and that’s valuable in and of itself.



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