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by Dual Income No Kids on December 14, 2006 · 0 comments

We don’t normally wax poetic about our on-line advertising service here at the DINKS. But, we did receive our first check from Adbrite a couple of days ago. Seeing as how we don’t make a ton of cash from the blog, its nice to receive the small amounts we do get.

Of course, the major player in the blogvertising world is Google’s adsense. Adsense gives you lots of great features like targeted ads, but you have to wait until you get $100 before they send you a check. For some sites with modest traffic, that could take months! Adbrite will send you a check for any amount you choose, in our case the minimum is $5.00. Its not a lot, but even checks for five dollars are great.

Just so we can share the love with all of you…a picture of our check is below!



p.s. we know its only for $5.98, so please don’t laugh!

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