Salary Negotiations

by James & Miel on November 17, 2006 · 0 comments

So you’ve neared the end of the interview and out comes the question about salary expectations…

I’m here in Macedonia and spent the day doing interviews for our new project here. Salary negotiations are something that are pretty universal in making candidates squirm.

I think sometimes it’s as if the two sides of the table are trying to communicate on different levels. The one side sees this as their big shot at an increase in salary. The other wants to know if they can afford you, and if they want you in the first place.

As an interviewee, the general advice is to hold out and not bring up salary first.

As the interviewer, you just want to cut to the chase.

It’s all a bit of a game really. After spending a day on as the interviewer, here are my thoughts:

  • Take time to think before answering questions, don’t just blurt out the first thing;
  • DON’T just repeat the question back in answer form;
  • DON’T avoid answering the question and move on to another subject;
  • DON’T come unprepared, do your research and then some;
  • Use the interview to learn about your potential employer, this is also your chance to learn about the people you might spend way too much time with!

Happy Interviewing!


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