Spender Vs. Saver Relationship

According to this study by Ramsey Solutions, money is the #1 reason why couples break up. The results of the study show that a lack of communication around money is the actual issue. That said, when was the last time you and your significant other had a money talk? The goal of this article is to help ease into money talks and create guidelines for smooth communication.

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Colorful Money

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the stock market, real estate investing and cryptocurrency. Today, our main topics will include investing your money into debt (your own, others, lending, etc.), physical assets and CDs. Like always, I challenge you to do your own research to really figure out whether or not a type of investment in a good choice for you and your portfolio. With that, let’s dig in!

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This afternoon I was just reflecting on an interesting conversation with one of the interns from my old research center at the U of Maryland. This young man was just finishing his Bachelors degree, but had begun to make good progress towards paying off his debts and was beginning to think about saving to buy a home.

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care about your money

Folks – get educated and learn about money. Develop good financial habits and watch your bottom line. If you don’t care about your financial health, nobody else will.

What To Invest Your Money In

Such a loaded question but one that is frequently asked by too many. The matter of fact is that investing is a buzz word that a lot of people like to throw around but may not truly understand. Did you know that you don’t have to be putting your money into the stock market to be investing? In this article, we will talk about different types of investments, how they have panned out for me and whether or not you should consider investing in them.

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Fidelity has pretty much been beating the pants off the competition in the low cost investing space.

I just heard about their latest – no cost, no minimum index funds – from a friend and checked their website.  Its true, they’re basically offering zero fee, no minimum investing opportunities.

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If you listen to any real estate or even personal finance podcast, I am sure you have heard about real estate crowd funding, as a means of investment. A lot of people despise this and would not even consider it an investment while others are very open to it and state that they have had quite nice returns from this type of investment. Your personal preference is the ultimate decider when it comes to your portfolio, however the goal of this article is to compare real estate crowd funding to more traditional forms of investment to help you make an informed decision.  [click to continue…]

Bank failure

Depositors removing money from the Schwenk bank in Jamaica, NY 1914

Mainstream media has been continually talking about an impending recession. Given the fact that recessions tend to have a huge impact on your wealth, you may be wondering about whether a recession is coming – and one bellweather of poor economic times are bank failures.

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