New Survey Shows Average Amounts That Turn Off Suitors

How much debt repels daters?Which is the worst first-date mistake – talking about an ex, eating food off your date’s plate, or mentioning that you are heavily in debt? [click to continue…]

Student loan delinquencies are soaring

Student Loan Delinquencies Are Higher Than Any Other Type of Credit in the U.S.

According to recent data from the New York Federal Reserve, our $1.38 trillion in outstanding student loan debt is second only to mortgage debt but comes with a higher delinquency rate.

As of the end of 2017, approximately 1.3% of mortgage balances were delinquent by ninety or more days. With student loans, the delinquency rate is a startling 11% – and that figure understates the problem.
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Retirement confidence is increasing -- but should it be?
Is the rising stock market giving workers confidence that they will have enough money to live comfortably in their retirement years?
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Post image for Groaning About a Loan? Know the Differences Between Auto and Mortgage Loans

There are two types of loans that you might be familiar with: big loans, and small loans. Each type of loan covers specific items and purchases and will have different effects on your buying power and credit. [click to continue…]

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It began as the punniest holiday ever but quickly grew into an earnest (if somewhat random) celebration of the long-running (and still going) Star Wars franchise. [click to continue…]

Bitcoin IRAHow’s your 401(k) or IRA doing? A typical 401(k) plan returns from 5% to 8% based on a portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds and other conservative investments. If your retirement plan is not meeting expectations, you may be tempted by the high returns of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – but should you be wary of incorporating cryptocurrency into your account? [click to continue…]

This Lender Repos 1 In 3 Cars It Finances -- How to Avoid This CycleYou frequently hear about America’s crushing student loan debt, but cars are not far behind — especially subprime auto loans. [click to continue…]