Since it is time to start compiling your tax information, I wanted to share this summary of 2020 tax code updates I found on YouTube last week.

The author is “Mike the CPA”, a self employed CPA and YouTube content producer.  His stuff is worth watching if you’re into maximizing your tax efficiency.

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If you’re like me, you’re probably looking to stretch your dollar as far as it will go.  Well here is a win I wanted to share with Dinks readers.

The story is I got a gift card for Christmas, but hadn’t used it all. It had about $20 dollars left on it.  I needed groceries and didn’t want to pay full retail.  So, I checked my local Kroger circular online and identified a couple of deals.  Then I walked to my local Kroger store and bought the following:

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what is a nest egg and how do you build one

Its past new years and before tax season.  That means a lot of people are thinking about how to allocate their money for retirement.  You may also be considering how to build up your own nest egg.  But, what is a nest egg and how do you build one? Here is a handy definition and some rules of thumb.

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This Is Why You Should Keep Your Money Yours_ Relationship Advice

Couples fight. Whether it’s about taking the dog out, changing the lightbulbs or money, it is inevitable. So why not try to mitigate the subjects that could be fought over? In this article, we talk about how to manage your money as a couple in a way that will help you both avoid any feuds.

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Sometimes it is a good idea to periodically look at your expenses with a view to trimming the fat.  I had some spare time on Saturday and had at look at my internet, cell phone and subscription entertainment.

Called my cell phone provider, T Mobile, and switched to a plan that gives me the same level of service for $5 less per month.  The call took about twenty minutes.

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Ed Slott_ Bio, Net Worth & Other Information

Ed Slott, also known as “America’s IRA Expert” according to Mutual Funds Magazine, has quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to the realm of retirement planning. More often than not, folks find themselves going to Ed even when they have a financial advisor, simply due to the fact that they fear their advisor doesn’t know as much as Ed. In this article, we will look at Ed’s background, net worth and other valuable information to get a picture of who this retirement guru really is.

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Janus, Roman god of war and transitions

Image of the Roman god of war and transitions, Janus. Janus exemplified the Roman belief that the human condition was marked by ongoing transitions between war and peace.

This posting is on what to do with your personal finances in the event of war.

Wait, isn’t this topic ridiculous? Wars just don’t happen that much these days. While it is true that wars, industrial accidents, and crime have become increasingly rare in the last 100 years, such events can generate significant personal risk.

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In honor of the fact that its pretty much 2020 already, here is a classic Saturday Night Live skit with some timeless advice

A unique program for managing your debt. SNL skit featuring Steve Martin, Amy Poehler and Chris Parnell. So simple you can do it too!

SNL- Don’t Buy Stuff from Certell on Vimeo.