Beware of free trials that are anything but free.The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about free trial offers. They can actually cost a fortune. [click to continue…]

Student loan defaults may trigger the next economic collapse.Student loan defaults have had finance gurus issuing warnings about the imminence of the  next economic collapse as a result of this debt. [click to continue…]

Donald Trump isn't invested that much in the stock market.President Donald Trump’s comments about the stock market going down has fired up fact-checkers who are graciously reminding us what causes a selloff.


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If you’re confused about the federal deficit right now, you’re not alone.  [click to continue…]

2018 tax refundHave you already gotten a taste of your 2018 tax refund in the form of a higher paycheck this year?  [click to continue…]

Earthquake preparedness kits are overpriced, so don't buy them.Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in the number of ads for earthquake preparedness kits and other survivalist supplies. Most, if not all of them, are overpriced yet don’t prepare you enough. [click to continue…]

sustainable frugality thumbnailGet too ambitious about cost-cutting and you might have a hard time adhering to it long term. Set your sights on something more realistic — like the following suggestions on sustainable frugality. [click to continue…]

Watch out for free Google Play credit offersWatch out for free Google Play credit offers: unless it’s an enticement to try out TokenFire, you could be opening yourself up to a malware campaign if you click on it. [click to continue…]