Walks, Sits, and Puppy Dog Tricks: Jobs on Rover.com

by James on August 8, 2017 · 1 comment

dog walker, jobs for dog lovers, rover.comToday we have a guest post for you from Casey Dickson, Rover.com community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

When it comes to touting the benefits to dog sitting or walking on Rover.com we could expound for days—but that wouldn’t leave us with any time to play with dogs. So to save us—and you!—time that’s better spent earning extra cash the best way we know how, we thought we’d go ahead and expand on what Rover has to offer in the way of is-this-really-a-job jobs, and why they’re so fantastic.

Dog walking, dog sitting, and doggy daycare: take your pick.

The gigs available on Rover are not only plentiful for when you need the extra income, but they vary according to what you can accommodate, and the kind of care you’re able to provide. If your house or apartment doesn’t allow dogs for overnight stays, go to clients’ homes and give pups the much-needed exercise their parents don’t always have time for during the busy work week. For dogs that simply can’t be left at home alone, and who have parents who can’t take them into work, doggy daycare is a fantastic service. And if your home and schedule are flexible enough to take on all these kinds of dog-gig opportunities, there are many pet parents out there (along with their furry friends!) who will greatly appreciate it.

Service tailored to what you’re comfortable with.

Rover doesn’t subscribe to a one-breed-fits-all philosophy, which means you only care for dogs you feel at ease around, and in return, the pups get to feel the same way. When you create your Rover profile, you get to specify exactly what types of dogs—breed, size, age—you feel safe and happy around.

The opportunity to grow your client base.

Once you care for a Rover pup and get a five-star review from its happy parent, the chance is highly likely that they’ll stay in touch with you and ask you back for future gigs. So while the Rover community is gig-based, there’s no dearth of opportunities—new and returning—to make a little extra cash.

Which brings us to…

The green part of the equation. Rover gives you an excuse to tear yourself away from your day job (or recreate your day job) and pad your bank account with cash you earned from hanging out with pups. We dare you to name a better side gig than that.

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1 Ramona @ Personal Finance Today August 14, 2017 at 3:20 am

I absolutely love dogs and cats, so it’s a great side gig, indeed. As we speak I care for my neighbor’s 2 cats. She’s in a 10 day vacation in Germany and asked me to care for the cats and 2 parrots she has in the apartment. Really cool job, even if I’m not asking her for money, she’s a close friend.

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