How Do You Decide Which Cash Management System You Need?

by James on August 1, 2017 · 0 comments

19627414699_077d8836f3_zThere are many different ways and systems that can manage your business’ cash flow. Determining which system is right for you will be based on your credit card processing needs, the type of business you have, and what kind of back office services you are looking for. Not all cash management systems are created equal. In order to run a successful and efficient business in today’s day in age, a merchant service is usually required to achieve your goals. Whether you need a system to track your inventory, employee schedules, transactions, or even customer data management, the proper POS system can achieve all of this.

Here are some additional factors to take into consideration when deciding on the best cash management system for you and your business.

Full Terminal

The Clover Station is the largest of the Clover family. It is a sleek, countertop POS terminal that intertwines the advanced POS technology with original capabilities of printing receipts and a cash drawer. You can utilize the back office reports and functionality while making it easy for customers to pay in-store. This system is crucial for  offering customers an alternative method of payment when checking out of your store.

The Mini

The Clover Mini offers your customers the opportunity to swipe their cards, use the card chip, and use an app on their device. Clover apps utilize software that integrates marketing, inventory, accounting, and gift cards all into one system. Although small, the Clover mini takes up less space but has all the functionality of the Clover station.


This is merchant processing at its finest. Whether you are selling your goods at a festival, own a food truck, or want to make it easier for customers to pay at a restaurant, the Clover mobile will help to cut your wait times down and get your customers on their way. There is nothing more aggravating than when a customer finishes their meal and has to wait for their bill for a long period of time. This effects the customer’s experiences and the overall efficiency of your business. You want to get customers in and out there door as quick as possible.

Be Flexible

The Clover flex is the mini and the mobile shrunken into a handheld device that allows you to walk around and take orders, get customers signatures, print receipts, and process transactions. If you or your employees are constantly moving around your establishment, the Clover flex may be the best solution for you.

Go, Go

Clover Go allows you to accept payments while you are moving around and working. Simply plug the reader into your mobile device and you can instantly accept chip cards, credit cards, and app payments like Apple Pay.

Regardless of the type of company you have, there is a cash management system that can help to improve your business. Make sure to do your research when selecting the proper pos system for your business.

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