4 Rules to Keep Employees Productive That Won’t Hurt Your Finances

by James on July 24, 2017 · 0 comments

meeting-2284501_640Productivity can be an elusive concept, but one thing is certain: the happier the individual, the more productive they are. Whether it is job engagement, stability, or workplace environment, happiness at work is influenced by different factors. Sometimes, determining these factors is not a straightforward task because jobs differ from workplace to workplace. That being said, this article shares how a company can keep employees happy and productive through four vital rules.

Build Strong Relationships with Employees

People are more than just what they do in the office. Taking a genuine interest in their lives shows that they are valued. A strong relationship with employees will encourage them to be more productive. They will be able to air out concerns, concentrate on doing their job, and their untapped skills might just be discovered as they get to know their employers more and more.

Communication is vital to keep things going forward as a team. Give employees room to think and contribute. Collaboration and participation are elements that breed productivity. Showing them that they can make a difference motivates them to accomplish more. It is also important to thank employees for their good work. Whether it be a verbal thanks or a kind email, appreciation goes a long way.

Provide Employees Safety and Comfort

A safe and comfortable workplace is a productive workplace.  The more pleasant the work environment, the more likely it is to maximize productivity. It is also best to allows employees to personalize their work station within reason. This allows them to call their place their own, making them more comfortable with their work space.

One way to make the workplace safer is to design its physical layout in a way that is easy to exit. Setting up rules wherein employees are not allowed to bring anything dangerous should also be done. When threatened by other colleagues, employees should be able to notify upper management. Administering hair drug tests or alcohol tests can also ensure that no one in the office is abusing illegal substances, as they may harm other workers.

Make Training and Learning Available

Most people want to improve themselves, and courses on learning and development encourages workers to be more productive. Offering employee training is a key factor that will not only increase overall productivity, but will make employees happier with their jobs as well. When properly trained, employees will feel valued as you are investing time in them. This, in turn, reduces turnover drops as they see that the company wants to keep them around.

From coaching and mentoring to weekly workshops and increasing their responsibility, there are different methods that can be utilized to develop an employee’s skills. By tailoring the training to suit both the organization’s and employee’s needs, you can both drive up productivity and complete company objectives.

Enable Flexible Work

When employees have a rigid work schedule, this may cause a dent on their productivity. Flexible work hours increase happiness and minimize burnout. With the ubiquity of co-working spaces, online work tools, and smartphones, it is easier to work in places rather than just the office. When employers can trust their employees to get their work done in a set time frame, even when they do not do in the traditional nine to five office setting, flexible work schedules have essentially no negative effects.

When the position requires them to be in the workplace, dress codes may also affect employee morale which will also affect their productivity. Providing guidelines of what is appropriate is suggested, but it should not be too strict, as the stringent atmosphere may make them feel oppressed.

Although these rules apply to most workplaces, certain companies benefit from particular methods more than others. It is important to observe what rules, perks, and preferences suit a company more, and then act accordingly to make that change towards more productivity. Blindly setting up rules and regulations without assessing its effect may just slow down results. Be vigilant, be wise, and be smart about your actions and productivity will find its way.

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