Before You List: Key Things to Do Before Putting Property Up for Sale

by James on February 4, 2017 · 0 comments

home-1682316_640The decision to sell your home is not one you take lightly and not something to rush into if your home is not yet ready to achieve the best possible price. This is why it is a good idea to run through a list of things that need sorting before you list your property.

Here are is a look at how to prepare your home for sale, including repairs and renovations to consider in order to boost curb appeal, why and how you need to declutter, and reasons for keeping your pets hidden away.

Ready for inspection

You have to expect prospective buyers to inspect your property with a much more critical eye than you might do yourself, only because they are seeing things for the first time that you might have learned to live with.

The first step is to take a look at the inside and outside of your home and make a list of things that need your attention.

Don’t be tempted to neglect minor repairs such as broken locks on windows, leaking taps or a few small holes that need patching, as they all send a signal to a buyer about how well you have looked after your home.

If they start to make a mental note of jobs that need doing if they bought the property, buyers are less likely to offer you the asking price or make an offer at all.

If your property needs some repairs, however large or small, work through your list of chores and get these done so that you home is fit and ready for inspection.

Clear the clutter

Property professionals like can tell what buyers like to see and what puts them off, and one of the biggest turnoffs is to walk into a home that is full of clutter.

There are several good reasons why you need to clear the clutter. If your room is filled with so much stuff, buyers will be unable to visualize the potential of the space and they will also think that your property seems smaller than it actually is.

You need to be disciplined about clearing the clutter once you have decided to sell so that you can cast your home in the best possible light. Make a concerted effort to clear away as much clutter as possible and put your stuff out of sight and packed away neatly.

Decluttering is a key strategy for selling your home and it is wise to remember that potential buyers don’t want to be reminded of who lives in the house at the moment, so de-personalize it by packing away family photos and other personal items.

Evidence of animals

If you have a pet sharing your home with you, it is possible that you might be a bit put out that someone viewing the property might not share your same level of enthusiasm for furry friends.

There are two main issues to consider if you have pets in your family home.

The first is that there is the potential for pet smells that you might not notice yourself if you are used to it. Secondly, some people really don’t like animals and you don’t want to deter a potential buyer by subjecting them to a boisterous welcome from your much-loved dog or a cat that they might even be allergic to.

It is wiser to accept that it is better to hide all evidence of animals living in the home if you can, rather than fret about why someone else wouldn’t feel the same way as you about pets.

Arrange to get the carpets and furniture professionally cleaned and put the feeding bowls and toys away when you have a viewing booked.

Instant curb appeal

First impressions count, which is why a few simple and inexpensive makeover tips could really make a difference.

Give your front door a makeover with a fresh coat of paint and change the hardware if it is looking a bit tired or outdated. Add some pot plants and make sure all the outside lights are working. Also cut back any shrubs or trees that have overgrown and could be obscuring the view to the entrance of your home.

If you work on making the front of your property as attractive, clean and tidy as possible, this will give a boost to the curb appeal of your home and should see prospective buyers enter your home with a greater level of enthusiasm for what lies ahead inside.

James Green is a real estate agent with years of experience, both professionally and personally. He writes about a whole range of real estate matters in his articles.

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