Gambling On A Budget: It Only Takes One Spin Of A Jackpot Slot To Win

by James on February 9, 2017 · 1 comment

gambling-602976_640They say it only takes a spin to win. It’s true. Look at the massive jackpots being won on a regular basis by players around the world. Even with progressive slots jackpots, which invariably run into the millions of dollars, players will win them from a single spin – often risking just pennies for the privilege.

The joy of slots is that there’s no way of knowing who will win, and as long as you’re playing, you’re in with a chance. When you factor in the sheer size of the jackpots available, and the fact that you’re much more likely to win big than on a scratch card or the National Lottery, it’s clear that slots in particular are a great way to gamble on a shoestring.

Maximising Bankroll

Most people set aside a specific budget for gambling – known as their bankroll. This is money that they can afford to lose, although nobody really expects to walk out poorer. In days gone by, you would have to physically go to a casino or a gaming arcade to try your luck at a selection of gambling games, invariably eating into your bankroll in the process. But with the advent of mobile technologies, it’s now possible to play a full suite of casino games when you’re waiting for the bus, or with your feet up after a long day at work.

Slots in particular represent the best value for money way to gamble. It only takes a single spin to land a jackpot, and with a decent bankroll, you’ll get plenty of chances to hit it big. Even compared to games like roulette, blackjack and poker, you’re usually risking much less per spin than you would on these comparable casino games. That makes slots particularly attracting for players who are looking to get the most entertainment, and the best shot at winning big, from the lowest amount of money in their bankroll.

Gambling has never been more accessible. For most people, that’s definitely a good thing – there’s no need to get dressed up and go to the casino, when you can enjoy the same thrills and spills from your smartphone. But this also raises problems for some people with a predisposition to gambling issues.

It’s always worth remembering that gambling is an activity that should be viewed as entertainment – and it’s never much fun when you’re losing what you can’t afford. If you find yourself dipping into your savings, or getting close to the bone because of your gambling, you should immediately stop playing. While gambling should be all fun and games, gambling problems are far from a good laugh. Check out gambleaware for more details on managing your gambling behaviour, especially if you feel your gambling is getting out of hand.

Another Huge Jackpot Win…

As if you needed any further proof, a player at partycasino had a very good Christmas indeed, thanks to a jackpot slots win that saw them scoop just shy of $1 million. The Gold Mega Jackpot on the popular slot Dragon’s Hoard was won by a 63-year-old airline pilot from South America. According to a statement from the winner, known only as Mr. M, he intends to use part of the money to buy his dream home.

The jackpot was the third progressive slots jackpot to be hit on the same day in December, each from just a single spin on a slots game. When you consider that each spin can be worth just pennies, it really is cheaper than ever before to get a slice of the action.

Even compared to playing the lottery, a few spins on your slots game of choice will be much cheaper – perfect for anyone playing on a budget. And when you consider they are also vastly more entertaining than hoping your lottery numbers come up, plus the odds are much more in your favour, it’s sounding like an increasingly better deal. Perhaps it’s no wonder so many people are choosing to spin and win on slots, over other casino games.

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1 MD February 10, 2017 at 5:39 pm

Is this a serious blog post or a sarcastic one? I’ve read this post twice and honestly can’t tell.

Whether it’s a source that was outsourced to a third-party virtual assistant abroad and went horribly wrong or sarcasm, we’ll never know. I just read lines like “Slots in particular represent the best value for money way to gamble. It only takes a single spin to land a jackpot, and with a decent bankroll, you’ll get plenty of chances to hit it big.”


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