Reducing Your Prescription Costs: Strategies for Saving Cash Before You Even Leave Your Doctor’s Office

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medical-563427_640The price of prescription drugs has skyrocketed in recent years, with May of 2016 showing a shocking 10% increase in just 12 months. For people with long-term medical conditions who regularly rely on prescriptions to get their medication, these price increases can be extremely worrying. Many are now in a position where they’re not even able to afford their prescription costs, with 8% of Americans routinely skipping vital medication simply because they can’t afford these sky-high prices.

For those with potentially life-threatening illnesses who need a regular supply of medication, not being able to afford their life-saving prescriptions is incredibly dangerous. But, many people in this situation may not be aware of strategies they can use to significantly reduce their prescription prices; 100% legally, 100% safely. So, if you or someone you know is struggling to afford the ever-increasing prescription prices, below you’ll find some effective methods you can use to save money and still get that much-needed medication.

Try mail order options

As opposed to heading in to your local pharmacy and being hit with a high price to pay, explore online options. Many don’t actually realize that mail order prescription services are extremely popular, can save you up to a third of what you’d pay at a pharmacy, and are 100% legitimate as long as you go to a fully authorized site. If you’re new to the mail order process, Rx Outreach is a great option for you to initially try. A non-profit organization offering over 600 medications at affordable prices, Rx Outreach is definitely something to consider if you’re looking to save money.

However, as with many other online services, there are plenty of fraudulent sites you need to look out for. Ensure to do your research and double check for authorization to avoid being scammed.

Ask your doctor for advice

Working with your usual doctor on this is essential. Your doctor is the expert and will know all the different types of medication available to you, as well as their prices.

One key question to ask if you’re using name-brand medication is whether or not it could be switched for a generic option. Generally speaking, generic medications are significantly cheaper than the popular, name-brand versions, and will contain the exact same medicinal value with no differences. So, present the question to your doctor and they’ll be legally obliged to give you the run-down of every medication-type available to you instead of automatically prescribing you the name-brand option.

Another important question is whether or not your medication could be combined. For example, if you have a condition that requires you to take multiple pills per day, perhaps there’s just one single pill that would have the same effect? This may require slightly more research on your part and your doctor’s, but if you’re able to find a generic solution that will mean you don’t have to pay for as many pills, you’re almost guaranteed to save your hard-earned dollars.

Explore different pharmacies

If you’ve asked your doctor the above questions and are still unable to save money on your prescription, try branching out from your preferred pharmacy. Many of us just assume that prescription medication has a set price no matter where you choose to buy it, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, no prescription price will be 100% concrete. Map out all the pharmacies within a distance you’re willing to travel to. Continue researching online sites to see what they have on offer. You may come across loyalty programs that offer discounts. Believe it or not, the best way to handle buying prescription medication is to shop around almost like you would in a marketplace. Once you’ve found your chosen pharmacy, you’ve got nothing to lose by simply asking if they can offer you a deal. You can ask if they have discounting periods and if your medication is likely to fall into one of the discounts on offer.

With today’s prescription prices showing no signs of reducing, it’s no wonder many people suffering chronic, long-term conditions are becoming increasingly worried about affording their medication. However, after reading the above tips you now know that there are specific strategies you can use to successfully reduce the cost of your medication.

Always remember that there’s a virtually endless array of medication out there, each with a price not set in stone, so if you can establish a cheaper alternative with your doctor and haggle your way to the best deal, you’ll be saving money.

Samuel Barnes is on a mission to save money on everything. Always frugal he now shares his tips and experiments around the web, helping others to save money alongside himself.

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