Cash At The Eleventh Hour: Clever Ways To Meet Unexpected Expenses

by James on April 19, 2016 · 0 comments

8512561There are plenty of us who occasionally meet an unexpected financial bump in the road and need some cash to cover a bill that we were not anticipating.

If it is for a short-term need and you can pay it back quickly, someone like Captain Cash might be able to come to your rescue. If you need cash at the eleventh hour, there are a number of clever ways to lay your hands on some extra money, so here is a look at what you might be able to do for almost instant results.

Start building an emergency fund

If you find yourself in a bit of bind when an unexpected bill crops up, you will not have the time to start building an emergency fund on this occasion, but it might just be the incentive you need to start planning ahead, for when the next financial crisis arises.

It seems that the Federal Reserve Board, who conducted a Survey of Household Economics and Decision Making, identified that many of us end up having to sell something we own or borrow money, if we are presented with a $400 emergency expense to pay.

Timing is everything of course, and you simply don’t know when the next financial emergency will hit you, but you will be surprised how quickly you could build up an emergency fund of about $1,000, by putting away small amounts of money each week or month.

Once you have that behind you and you are disciplined enough not to dip into it, you may not need to sell something or take out a loan to cover an unexpected bill.

Dust off that old cellphone

Setting up an emergency fund is a strategy for the future, but if you have an immediate need for some cash, one of the quickest ways of accumulating the money you have to find, is to sell an old cellphone that you probably have lying around.

It seems that over half of us probably at least one or more old cellphone in our possession, which we simply put in a drawer when your upgrade arrived.

There are estimated to be well over $45 billion worth of old cellphones simply gathering dust, but they have a value and a quick calculation of that value, suggests that you may have about $150 waiting for you, if you sell your percentage of that old cellphone mountain, which is a good start towards your target.

Small tasks for extra money

Your time or skills are worth something and even if you are holding down a full-time job, you can soon earn some extra money by offering your services on a variety of different sites.

TaskRabbit is just one example. This is a site that connects you with people in your area who have some chores to do like building some furniture or collecting an order, which they are willing to pay you for.

Another site that is similar is called Zaarly, so you could register with them too. Also consider a site like Fiverr, which covers a wide variety of tasks that you could perform in return for a $5 payment.

It may not sound like much, but these small amounts soon add up and if you are good at graphic design for example or copywriting, you can quickly accumulate some extra cash doing something that you are good at and won’t take long to complete.

Dig out those unwanted gift cards

So many of us get given a gift card that frankly, we are not going to use, or simply forget about and only find out it has expired when we come to use it.

The relative or friend who gave it to you, won’t know what you have done with it, and when you consider that there are somewhere in the region of $750 million worth of unused gift cards in circulation, that is a lot wasted cash that could be put to better use if you are not going to spend it as intended.

Sites like Coinstar Exchange and Cardpool will pay somewhere between 85% and 92% of the face value. If you have some unwanted gift cards worth $20 or more, you can normally convert these into instant cash, towards your emergency bill.

Delivery driving and dog sitting, are just two other examples of how you can generate some quick cash, and there are plenty more besides.

If you need some cash at the eleventh hour, get creative and clever, so that you can get the money you need to see you through your financial emergency.

Cameron Cooper and his wife have 4 kids and 2 dogs. Working full time, he finds that money still never quite stretches far enough. He writes about finances for various blogs, sharing his tips and tricks with others in a similar situation.

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