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by Jason Butler on March 7, 2016 · 0 comments

geicoHello, Dinks. A few weeks ago I discussed 5 car insurance companies that you should consider. I want to discuss one of them in depth today. I’ve been a customer with Geico for several years now. In this post, I want to share with y’all my thoughts about their company.

I’ve been a customer of Geico’s since 2007. Their pricing has been outstanding over the years. In the beginning, my 6-month premium was about $460. I made monthly payments of about $77. That amount wasn’t too bad for a college student with only a cell phone and a small car note being the only other bills that I had to pay. Geico has had small price increases over the years, but to me, they are still worth it.

My first car was a Chevy Malibu. “Kitt” as I like to call it was a great car until it started having problems. I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but in 2012 within a four-week stretch, I had two flat tires. I could have changed the tires myself, but since I didn’t have a jack Geico’s emergency road service came to the rescue. Both times they changed the tires without any problems.

The Malibu also started having engine problems. There were times when the car would overheat and just shut down on me. Most times I would wait about 10 minutes then it would come back on. There were a couple of times where it didn’t though. I was able to get the car towed to my house or nearest mechanic for no charge. You could get your car towed for up to 15 miles for free if you signed up for Geico’s emergency road service.

In 2014, I had a wreck. Geico’s claim specialist came to my home to look at the car a couple of days later. The specialist was very knowledgeable about accident situations. He told me that my car was totaled. He then gave me several options on what I could do next. I was able to file a claim because my accident was weather related. He made sure that I received my claims check within a week so that I could get another car. During the week that I didn’t have a car Geico was able to provide me with a rental.

Geico has several discounts. Some of the ones that I take advantage of are the 5-year good driver and the anti-lock brakes discounts. They have allowed me to save a decent amount of money over the years.  Geico also enables you to you to save money if you have a multi-policy with them. I have my renters insurance partnered through them as well. That helps keep that premium down.

I thoroughly enjoy Geico’s auto insurance. They have helped me several times over the years. Their employees know their stuff. The customer service has always been great. It doesn’t matter if you call, e-mail or tweet them, someone will always reply back to you promptly. I am very satisfied with Geico.

Do you have Geico auto insurance or do you have another provider? If you do have Geico, how would you rate it?

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