Going Solo: How to Get Health Coverage When You’re Self Employed

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Health InsuranceHealth insurance is often something that companies provide to their employees. But what about the self-employed? Can you still take advantage of a health insurance policy?

The Importance of Insurance for the Self-Employed

Getting ill or becoming injured when you are self-employed can be a serious issue. You may not be able to work, and the risk of ending up in financial difficulties increases the longer you stay off from work.

If you suffer an injury that is not your fault, remember that you could make a claim by using a company like www.claimsdirect.co.uk. After all, you could be out of work for a long time and this may entitle you to compensation.

Getting healthy and back to work as soon as possible should be your priority, and private healthcare can be the best way to do this. It will enable you to avoid the waiting lists on the NHS, and there are many other benefits of private health cover.

Fortunately, there are a number of insurers who may be willing to provide you with a policy.

Choosing Your Health Insurance Policy

When choosing your health insurance policy, try to find one that allows you to choose where you are treated. This is commonly included on policies, but some are more restrictive than others and may only allow you to receive treatment at certain hospitals. Others give you much more choice, including a hospital closer to where you live and work.

One of the things that you may want to include on your policy is outpatient cover. While most policies contain inpatient cover, only the more comprehensive plans tend to cover outpatient care. You may therefore have to pay more for this, but it may be more useful for you to have it.

A comprehensive plan may also provide faster diagnosis and faster treatment, and this could help you to get back to work quicker so it may be worth considering.

Alternative medicines and physiotherapy may not be covered as standard, and you may have to add these onto your policy or buy a more comprehensive policy. You should therefore decide whether you are willing to pay more for them.

When it comes to cancer drugs, there may be a limit of 12 months for the provision of these drugs on some policies. However, some policies have no limits on how long you have to wait for them, so this is also worth considering.

Can you add your family to your policy? This may be something you want to do, so find out if it is possible. Some providers may have special offers where you can add them at a discount.

Finally, make sure you choose a policy you know you can afford. You want to find the balance between the best policy you can get for a price that you know you can afford so that you have the protection you need without having to worry about the cost.

Find the Policy that is Right for You

Health insurance is a personal choice, and there is no right answer on which is the most suitable policy for you. Make sure you spend some time looking over your options to find the right one, and find the balance of a policy that provides the cover you need with the price that is right. So start looking today and find the cover that you need.

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