Top 5 Best Payment Gateways for Your ECommerce Store

by Team Dinks on June 10, 2015 · 0 comments

With the increased number of online transactions, the importance of having an efficient online payment service cannot be overemphasised. Today, everyone is digitalizing their businesses by taking them to the online platform. This has in turn increased the need for the online payment gateways. Since online business is currently the order of the day, we need to have a deep knowledge when it comes to choosing the best payment gateways for our businesses. In this piece, we’ll highlight 5 of the best payment gateways options that are available for your E-Commerce sites:

  • PayPal

Rated as the most reputable and trustworthy payment gateway, PayPal offers users an exclusive payment option. Throughout the globe, the service is highly recognized by both E-business professionals and non-professionals. Some of the products being powered by PayPal include but not limited to: Business on eBay, online invoicing, Web payments and Mobile payments.

  • EveryPay

EveryPay is currently one of the best online payment options for E-commerce businesses. The platform allows your business to accept payments online and gives you an opportunity of growing your business. Each of their products is designed specifically for your business. By offering your business reliable and multifunctional solutions in as far as accepting online payments, the service makes your life easier. The initial starting process is much easier as you’ll only need to sign a contract and your developer can start integrating the payment option to your E-commerce business.

every pay

  • Adyen

International merchants can benefit a lot from Adyen as a great online payment service for their business. As a one shop service, the payment option runs on one secure internet based platform and is dedicated to offering users with transaction submissions from face to face payment to mobile to online payments. The best part about the service is that they are known to work very closely with their customers even as they continue to design their payment platform.

  • Stripe   

This is without a doubt one of the easiest and most efficient payment service option that is available for Canadian and American E-commerce sites. The service offers businesses with functionality of a merchant account and a payment gateway into a simple API hence making it easy to integrate these functions. Stripe has taken a good number of efforts in trying to provide their users with valuable examples and tutorials that are designed to enlighten them on how to use their API and services in general.

  • net is a well-known payment gateway that is very powerful at the same time. The service is designed to offer E-commerce businesses with custom payment forms that reside on their server. The payment service is also capable of supporting on-form payment, mobile payment and recurring billing. One of the many disadvantages of is that the service is slightly expensive. Both the set up fees and Gateway fees are considerably expensive limiting others from enjoying the service conclusively. To operate, you’ll need a merchant account.

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