Daily Habits of Wealthy People

by James on August 24, 2013 · 4 comments

Hello People,

Yahoo has been coming out with some great content lately.  The latest is a quick video by Farnoosh Torabi. In it she details some of the habits of people making more than $150,000 annually with $3.2 million in investable assets. The video is below:

If you don’t have time to check it out, basically wealthy people do the following:

1. Get up early and utilize their time for self improvement
2. Keep to-do lists at work and generally take care of most of the things on their list
3. Keep lunches short and focus on deal making or networking
4. Set short and long term goals
5. Count calories & stay healthy so they can work longer and harder
6. Spend free time socializing or networking
7. Don’t gossip.


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