Are there gender roles in your house?

by Kristina on June 3, 2013 · 6 comments

Good morning Dinks. Something happened this week at my office and I was absolutely surprised by my co workers reaction to gender roles in 2013. I would like to share with you because I am not sure if it’s just my relationship that is completely out of the ordinary or if my co worker is just old fashioned.

My team and I were looking at photos to use of one of our upcoming presentations and we chose a photo of a man handing the woman a set of keys.  My co worker liked the idea of the photo but she said that we should find a photo where the woman is giving the man a set of keys. Even after she saw the shocked look on all of our faces around the table she continued to defend her point saying that a man would never give a woman keys because the man should always drive.

Is it just me or is she totally crazy and living in the 1940s? I know that some relationships still maintain gender roles such as housewives, the man being the sole breadwinner and women at home cooking and cleaning.  I am definitely not a feminist and I honestly do believe that women and men still maintain gender roles, not because we are of a certain sex, but because men just do some things better than we do.

In my relationship I take care of our laundry, not because I am female, but because I love doing laundry. I know it’s weird but I like the smell of fabric softener. My boyfriend Nick takes care of a lot of the repairs around our apartment, not because he is the man of the house, but because he is the only one that is tall enough to reach and change a light bulb. I am only 5 feet tall and he is 6,2”.

Do you and your spouse play into your gender roles?

Who is the personal banker in your house? Maybe the woman manages the money in your house, maybe the man does or maybe you each manage your money separately.  When it comes to money I find that it’s best not to put pressure on anyone and let the person who wants to take responsibility manage the money.  Sometimes the pressure of managing money, especially if you don’t want to, can be more than one person can handle.  Stress leads to disagreements and arguing leads to break ups so be open about money and talk about your couple’s finances with your spouse.

Who is the master chef in your household? When I was growing up it was always my father who cooked for our family.  To this day I am not quite sure that my mother has mastered her skills in the kitchen.  I believe that the days of a woman having dinner ready on the table at 6 pm when her husband gets home from work are over, but maybe I’m wrong.

Who is the tie breaker in your house? If you have one opinion and your spouse has another opinion, who makes the final decision? Maybe it’s the man, maybe it’s the woman or maybe the person who really wants the decision to be made.

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