Are dogs the new Dinks kid?

by Kristina on June 19, 2013 · 11 comments

Good morning Dinks. Lately I have been seeing posts around the web and watching commercials on TV about people who choose to get a dog instead of having kids.  I don’t have plans to have kids any time soon, but I would personally love to have a dog. I grew up with a family dog and so did my boyfriend Nick. I would love to have a dog in my life again but Nick doesn’t think that it is fair to have a dog in an apartment. I don’t think that a dog replaces a kid but nowadays it seems as if couples are choosing one or the other.

There is a dog food commercial that I saw on TV and the woman was talking about the healthy food that she feeds to her dog.  She feeds her dog organic food because she wants him to live a long and healthy life.  At the end of the commercial she says, after all he’s not our family pet he’s our oldest boy. I am not sure what is but something about that statement just didn’t sit right with me.

So let me ask you a question Dinks – you don’t have kids, but would you get a dog?

I think that having another living thing, aka a dog, in our house will completely change the dynamic of our home. I would like to have someone to take care of, but that same someone has to be able to also function on their own if I decided to go out with friends after work or take a weekend road trip. It would be nice to have a dog with me on my daily walks through the park but the cleaning up after another living thing does not exactly appeal to me.

Having a dog is a commitment and I’m not sure that I am ready for that.

One of the reasons that people choose not to have kids is because kids are a huge time and a huge financial commitment, but on the other hand isn’t a pet also a huge time commitment. Yes it’s true that dogs don’t live as long as kids so ideally they should be cheaper, but at the same time dogs need shots, food, toys, grooming etc. and all of that can add up.

A pet can be a great addition to any home but at the same time it is a big responsibility, and just like my fear of having kids, what if I fail? If you have a dog or a pet how did you decide when you were ready to have a pet and how did you know that you would be good at taking care of another living thing.

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