Getting Signage for Your Small Business

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Even small businesses have to invest in signage. It may be part of your advertising budget, to grow your client base. It may be part of the office funds, as you delineate the organization of your physical building. Or, you may just have to put up signage as part of meeting your safety obligations as an employer. Investing in the right signage is more than just another budget line item. It’s a fundamental aspect of any successful business, large or small. While larger businesses may have more to spend, you have to make your small business’ signage just as attractive and compelling as anything the bigger competitors may have.


Your business advertises for multiple reasons. You have to advertise to get clients in the door. You also have to advertise to build name recognition. Use well-placed and well-designed signage to accomplish both goals. Building recognition of your business and product or services calls for large-scale advertising. Think about billboards, TV ads and radio spots you’ve seen that are successful and memorable. What makes their techniques work? How can you replicate that for your own company? In terms of signage, this means getting attention quickly and sticking in potential clients’ brains. Getting clients in the door is your goal. Make your signage colorful and creative. Have a memorable slogan or catchphrase. Don’t let yourself get lost in the shuffle.


Signage related to workplace policies and safety is generally mandated by the state department of labor. Check with your state to determine what you should be posting. You can order custom created signage from a retailer like Speedysigns and get a safety sign that educates your staff of pertinent regulations. Make safety signage a top priority so that you’re in compliance with any and all regulations. Always post safety and regulatory signage in a high traffic area of the office. Where do your employees spend their lunch breaks? Where do they pause to get coffee? These are the places to post legally-required signage and messages about employee safety.


Organizational signage should be simple and direct. You’ll use it to mark offices, conference rooms, organizing supplies and so on. Most offices choose very basic color combinations for such signage. You should select something that stands out but that is pleasant and connotes professionalism. If possible, consult with the employees on your staff to get their input. You may be surprised at the ideas they come up with. If you follow through with their suggestions, you’ve made a good choice that also helps build a team atmosphere.

Approach choosing signage as you approach the other important elements of your business. Prioritize it on your budget and build consensus among your company’s officers. Reputation of the vendor you select for this business transaction should be thoroughly researched. Consult your local Better Business Bureau before you make a final decision. And, always remember that negotiation is perfectly valid. The right signage can be a big difference for your business. Don’t fail to take it seriously.

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