Sheldon Cooper vs. Money

by Kristina on November 15, 2012 · 3 comments

One of my favourite sit-coms on television right now is The Big Bang Theory. Between the amazing casting, the witty banter and the real life storylines I think that this television show is absolutely genius.  For those of you who don’t watch The Big Bang Theory it is described by my satellite PVR as a sitcom about two highly intellectual nerds who try to socially interact with women.

One of the two main characters on The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon Cooper; he is a democratic genius from the very republican state of Texas.  Sheldon’s East-Texas upbringing forced him to learn how to play football and go to church when all he really wanted to do was study science and invent laser machines.  Sheldon moved to California from Texas and became a physicist at a university.

Although Sheldon Cooper is very intelligent he is not very open minded. Sheldon always feels that his theories are correct because he has an IQ of over 150. Sheldon Cooper is a genius but when it comes to everyday living he definitely lacks some education.  I have learned several different money lessons from Sheldon Cooper while watching The Big Bang Theory. I am going to share those theories with you in what we will call Sheldon Cooper versus Money.  Sheldon has some good money habits but he also has some not so great money habits and we are going to share them all with you.

Sometimes Sheldon Cooper is Good with Money

Saves Money and Doesn’t Overspend.  Sheldon Cooper lives a simple life.  He doesn’t like to be flashy and he pays for basic living needs such as food and shelter. Sheldon Cooper does not spend money extravagantly and this is a money lesson that we can all learn from him.

Lives a simple financial and personal life.  It is very rare that we see Sheldon Cooper spend money on anything that is not a basic living necessity. Of course he does spend money on collectables and he once purchased a time share in a time machine, but other than that he only needs money to live and not for life’s luxuries.

Saves money while travelling.  Sheldon Cooper is definitely budget-conscious.  He tries to save money by sharing his costs on personal items with his friends (hence the time share in the time machine), he also tries to save money while travelling.  Instead of flying he opts to take the train in an effort to save money.

Sometimes Sheldon Cooper is Bad with Money

Doesn’t cash cheques. Sheldon Cooper has a drawer full of un-cashed checks because he says that everything he wants to spend money on has not yet been invented. Just a little bank note, after six months a check becomes stale dated and it is not able to be cashed.  This is definitely a bad financial habit.

Spends money on collectables (debatable).  This is a financial habit that is debatable. To some people spending money on comic books and superhero collectables is a waste of money, but to some other people it is an investment in valuables.

Eating out frequently.  This is a bad financial habit that I am personally guilty of and it is definitely a costly habit.

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1 Byakuya December 11, 2014 at 12:03 am

I like that Sheldon can keep it simple and avoid tooany unnecessary purchases. He better cash in those checks soon. When it comes to collectibles, it is very difficult to determine what items will remain popular and go up. Restaurants, I admit Cheesecake Factory is awesome, but it can be a real wallet thinner and belly bulger.

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