Blog Spotlight: Seven Years to Seven Million

by James on October 29, 2012 · 0 comments


Most personal finance bloggers are paupers, with net worths somewhere south of $100,000.  Because of this, their perspective and experiences limits them to a specific set of topics, very often from the viewpoint of conventional finance.  If you are looking for a departure from the ordinary personal finance perspective you might consider surfing on over to  Seven years to seven million was started by Adrian, an Australian businessman who moved to the U.S. and made seven million selling software.   He has interesting views on the process of wealth building, including how to set strategy and what kinds of assets to buy.

There is a reason why blogs like Adrian’s are important.  If you want to achieve high net worth, you need to start adopting the mentality and behaviors of those who do have high networth.  This blog is a great opportunity to get started on that path.




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