Which Insurance Company Do You Trust?

by Kristina on June 7, 2012 · 4 comments

jengaOne of the most important financial decisions that we have to make in our lives is with which company we choose to buy our insurance.  Home owners insurance, tenants insurance, car insurance, and life insurance policies all protect our most valuable assets.  Therefore, which type of insurance policy we choose and with which company we choose to buy our insurance policies are very important decisions.

Some people choose to buy their insurance with their financial institution, some people choose to purchase their insurance policies with the company that gives them the lowest annual quote, some people choose to buy their insurance with a trusted company based on the recommendation of a family member or friend, and some people choose to buy their insurance policies with the company that offers the most comprehensive coverage and flexible options.

Which insurance company did you choose?

Geico “15 minutes could save you 15% or more!” If you have a television it’s hard to think about insurance without thinking about Geico. The Geico Gecko is a loveable little lizard who encourages people to call Geico and get an insurance quote.  Geico representatives are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by telephone to answer questions and assist clients. Geico also offers clients the option to obtain an insurance quote online as well as in person at one of their several offices nationwide. Geico’s website is easy to use with a claims center, a personal login option, as well as an information center.

Allstate guarantees satisfaction as they claim that “You’re in good hands.” Allstate Insurance offers their services in both Canada as well as the United States. As a consumer there is something comforting about the soothing voice of the Allstate spokesperson Dennis Haysbert that I just totally love.  The Allstate website offers online tools and resources as well as the option to get a personalized quote with no obligation.  Clients can also search for an agent in their local area or get assistance by telephone. In addition to personal Insurance, Allstate also offers retirement planning and financial tools for their clients.

Progressive insurance says that clients can save over $475 on their car insurance.  An online insurance quote takes only 6 minutes with Progressive insurance because their website is very user friendly.  When clients bundle their various insurance policies with Progressive they can save money on their annual insurance premiums. If you start a quote online or if you choose not to purchase your insurance policy right away clients can save their quote and retrieve it later.  Progressive also offers the quotes of their competitors when clients receive their own personal quote, this is a great service because it’s one stop shopping, it saves time, and it also confirms exactly how much money we are saving by choosing Progressive insurance over another insurance agency.

Aflac confirms that “We’ve got you under our wing.” Aflac insurance offers personal individual insurance policies as well as business insurance policies. Clients can purchase and get a quote for their accident, dental, life, and hospital insurance policies online or by phone with a customer service agent.  Aflac is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. The Aflac website offers personal stories and testimonials by clients who have used and been satisfied with their Aflac insurance policies.

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