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by Kristina on June 19, 2012 · 10 comments

old fountainGood Morning DINKS. Let me ask you a question, what do you want to be in life?

I don’t mean what do you want to do as a profession, I mean in your dreams and in your heart what is it that your profession will make you?

Maybe your dream profession will make you rich, maybe it will make you well travelled, or maybe it will make you famous.  Think long and hard about what you really want to be in life…maybe you are searching for personal success or maybe you are searching for personal happiness.  Whatever it is that you are searching for; I really hope that you find it.

If you had to choose ONLY two of the following ten things which two of them would you want to be?

1. Rich.  It is many people’s goal in life to be rich and wealthy.  People seem to all be working towards earning more money and having more money in their bank accounts. But why, doesn’t everything come with a price?

2. Famous.  We live in a world where celebrity lifestyles are being constantly flashed in our faces therefore the want to live in a luxurious world ruled by expensive things and everything extravagant can definitely be tempting. Would you want to live in a world with a camera constantly flashing in your face?

3. Successful.  Everyone’s idea of success is different. For some people success means reaching a target point in their career, for some people it means being a good wife or husband, and for some other people success means never having to answer to anyone else. What will it take for you to be successful?

4. Stress Free.  Most people have some form of stress in their life whether it is due to family issues, pressure at the workplace, money troubles, or difficulties in our relationship. For most people stress is just a normal constant in our lives that we all learn to deal with, could you imagine living a stress free life?

5. Happy.  Many people may enjoy their lives but how many people can honestly say that they are truly 100% happy with everything in their life? What would it take for you to be completely happy with your life?

6. Married.  Being a DINK doesn’t necessarily mean that you are married (take me as an example). Being married may be on some peoples list of things that they really want in their life. It used to be on mine, but now I am not so sure. Do you want to walk down the aisle?

7. Experienced.  As I get older I often find myself saying “If I only knew then what I know now.” Living life, trying new things, and sharing new experiences may be some people’s idea of the perfect life because experience can bring knowledge as we learn from our mistakes and change our normal routines.  Do you want to experience new things and make changes in your life?

8. Intelligent. Some people may consider intelligence to be the most valuable quality that a person can have.  This may come from a formal education in school or it may come from life experiences and learning from others past experiences.  Is superior intelligence (in general or on a specific subject) something that you really want in life?

9. Well Travelled. Seeing the world, travelling to different countries, and learning about different cultures are some peoples idea of the perfect life. Travelling may scare some people but it is also exciting for some others. Do you want to pack your suitcase and travel the world?

10. Loved.  Some people don’t care if they are admired by others, but for some other people their personal validation comes from the love of others. Life can be very lonely if we are always by ourselves. Do you want to be loved in your life?

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