Sovereign Citizens Don’t Pay Taxes or Parking Tickets

by Kristina on July 28, 2011 · 37 comments

American FlagI recently learned about an extreme movement in the United States and I really felt the need to share.

Sovereign Citizens are US citizens who wish to become independent from the state.  The Sovereign Citizen Movement is complete government anarchy, they do not want to answer to any form of US Government and they fell the Government influence in the US should be minimal.

The status of being a Sovereign Citizen is not legally recognized by the United States Government and has previously been rejected in several court cases.  The request for citizens to become sovereign was also declined by the Internal Revenue Agency.

What is a Sovereign Citizen?

Sovereign Citizens are opposed to anything related to the US Government. They consider themselves independent from the state; therefore, they feel the need to answer only to and only obey English common law.

Sovereign Citizens are the exact opposite of (normal) Federal Citizens. They do not conform to anything government induced including federal laws and federal taxes.  Sovereign Citizens want to be completely self regulated with no control or outside influence by the US federal government.

What is the Sovereign Citizen Movement?

The Sovereign Citizen Movement started in the 1970’s as an anti US Government movement; Sovereign Citizens feel that the ideal Government presence is a minimalist one. Sovereign Citizens are Financial Scheme Promoters and Commentators; they are fighting to become independent from the state because they feel the Federal Government abuses their power.

Sovereign Citizens do not feel the need to answer to US Federal Government and therefore they are fighting to become free of any legal constraints. Sovereign Citizens want to have no ties to the Federal Government whatsoever, including accepting US Currency.  That’s right! Sovereign Citizens do not recognize US Currency.

Since Sovereign Citizens do not recognize the law they also don’t hold themselves accountable for breaking any laws.  People have declared Sovereign Citizenship to evade all types of criminal charges from parking tickets to drug allegations.

Sovereign Citizens do not want to pay taxes and feel that the entire US tax system is actually forced slavery by the US Federal Government.  They feel the Federal Government is using tax paying federal citizens to repay the US Governments international debt.

Taxes are a very controversial topic among the Sovereign Citizen Movement; however the Internal Revenue Agency disagrees.  Citizens can be fined up to $5000 if they try to falsely file a tax return as a Sovereign Citizen. The Sovereign Citizen movement has also influenced other extreme movements such as the Tax Protestor movement and the Christian Patriot movement.

What are Your Thoughts on Sovereign Citizens?

I couldn’t even imagine a world where I was not accountable for my actions and I didn’t have to pay taxes.  No one likes to pay taxes, but we all have to do it to keep our roads paved and our children educated. The more I read about Sovereign Citizens the more outraged I become.  Why the hell would anyone not want to be a federal citizen of the United States of America?

If we don’t accept the Federal Government as our governing body and if we don’t pay our taxes, we cannot benefit from municipal, state, and federal services.  I am the first to admit that I hate paying taxes, but I love receiving a tax refund.  Honestly, does rejecting the US Currency seem a little bit extreme to anyone else?

If US citizens do not answer to the federal government and if we aren’t held accountable for our actions, we would be living in complete chaos.  People may not agree that the US Federal Government is managing our international debt very well, but they are managing it a lot better than if no one was managing it at all.

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