Happy Anniversary Friday Roundup

by Kristina on April 22, 2011 · 2 comments

Happy Friday Everyone!  It’s official. We have hit our one year anniversary together.  Just over a year ago I joined the DINKS community, and since that day we have been blogging happily ever after.  One year is the paper anniversary, but since we are all trying to be more eco friendly I won’t ask for any paper gifts. Instead, I will give you my favourite posts from DINKS over the last year, as well as my favourite comments.

A lot can change in a year.  Some of us have recently joined the community as New DINKS, some of us may be adjusting to single life after leaving a DINKS couple, and some of us may be welcoming a new little one into a former DINKS household.  For better or worse we are all still here together in the DINKS community. 

These are two of my favourite posts from DINKS:

DINKS: Smart or Selfish was definitely our most commented on post over the last year.  It is one of my favourite posts because it is a topic that involves everyone.  I enjoy hearing other people’s stories and opinions on subjects that affect me.  It’s almost comforting to know that other people are experiencing the same things, and having the same thoughts. 

My boyfriend Nick and I have talked about this a lot over the last year because we both turned 30.  Nick has decided that he definitely doesn’t want to have kids.  I am still on the fence, but leaning towards not having kids.  I am not sure if he really doesn’t want to have kids, or he just doesn’t want to have kids with me.

Were You Wealthy After Your Wedding? Is another one of my favourite posts because it shows how we all experience the same things differently.  As DINKS most of us may be married and therefore weddings are something that affect us all.  However, how we choose to have that experience is different for everyone.  It was interesting to see that a wedding means something different for everyone.  The days of big traditional weddings may be out the door and more personal, less showcase, ceremonies are taking over.

This is another subject that my boyfriend Nick and I have discussed a lot over this past year.  He is not willing to come over to my side and get on the wedding train.  So it’s safe to say that if I want to spend the rest of my life with Nick it will be out of wedlock.

My Favourite Comments from DINKS Posts:

Dave at 50 Plus Finance commented on our post DINKS Can Play With Toys Too.  This post discussed the evolution of toys from when we were children to the toys that we play with now as adults.  Nick is a really techy guy and loves to play with his Playstation 3.  This post states that the cost of toys in a budget doesn’t stop just because we don’t have children, adults can play with toys too. 

Here is Dave’s comment “When I was young, adult toys didn’t mean Playstation 3.”

Bankruptcy Benjamin made a comment on our post Funding Our Parents Retirement.  This is a post that discussed our need to help our parents financially through their retirement. Saving wasn’t necessarily a priority back then, and as our parents start to retire they may need some financial assistance. 

Here is Benjamin’s comment “No way man, I’m not funding the grey nomads eternal summer! I will however have a granny flat available that they can move into.”

What is your favourite post or comment from DINKS over this last year?

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1 Big Ass Superstar June 14, 2011 at 7:35 pm

I surfed here from Budgetsaresexy, and I could’ve sworn you guys were around when I devouring PF blogs by the dozen every day. But I’m honestly surprised that every article on this site doesn’t have dozens of comments! You guys have a decent-looking site with articles that are laid out nicely. I wish you continued success and prosperity!

– Scott over at bigasssuperstar.com

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