DINKS Reality: How Dirty would you get for a Job?

by Kristina on December 16, 2010 · 5 comments

For this edition of our newly added DINKS Reality, we are going to discuss our jobs and careers.

Whether we like our job or we don’t, whether we have attained our career goal or we haven’t attained it yet, our job brings in our monthly income. Our monthly income pays for our lifestyle and living expenses. We know that unemployment is high, and many people have lost their jobs in the past few years. 

If you lost your job, what would you do to get another job?

If you have a degree would you accept a job outside of your area of expertise?  Could you accept a lower paying job? I definitely would accept a job even though it undervalued my skills and experiences, because ½ of my previous salary is still more than I would make while being unemployed.  I would also accept a job outside my area of expertise, because money is spent in all the same places, it doesn’t matter how we get it.

Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel follows a crazy man named Mike Rowe who tries every type of job imaginable at least once. Mike is not going to office buildings trying to be a mailroom clerk, and he is not working at major corporations as a COE.  If you have ever watched Dirty Jobs then you know what I’m talking about.  If you have always been employed with a cozy office job, would you be able to accept a manual labour job if it was your only source of income?

As DINKS, if we lost one of our two incomes some of us may be able to survive. But for some others, our lifestyle wouldn’t be sustainable.  It’s gut check time. Think about what you would do to get a job.  Could you and would you swallow your pride to provide for your family?

Lady DINKS I ask you… (Especially if some of you are in Nevada) could you, and would you resort to the world’s oldest profession if you had no other choice? Before you answer I want you to really think about it…could you, and would you do it for your family?  Working in the sex industry as a stripper, an escort, a call girl, or a prostitute is a high paying job with low moral standards.  We would be making a lot more money in the sex trade than we would be making at a job that pays minimum wage.

Male DINKS! I ask you…if you and your spouse were both unemployed, and about to lose your home, and cars, and all other luxuries of your DINK lifestyle, would you let your spouse work in the sex industry to save your financial health?

Dirty Jobs airs on Discovery Channel Tuesdays at 9 pm.  Check it out to see Mike Rowe work on a Maggot Farm, as a Butcher, in a Coffee Plantation, and as an Ostrich Farmer…just to name a few.  He makes my crazy bank clients seem a bit more normal. Every Wednesday morning when I come to work, I appreciate my air conditioned comfy office job just a little bit more.

Photo By PinkSherbert

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