Marrying Money

by Kristina on July 6, 2010 · 6 comments

prada bag girlLast week on my day off for our National holiday I watched a talk show that discussed Women Who Marry for Money.

I guess I always knew that this was a deal closing quality for some women. I mean, the concept of a housewife is not new. I guess I always thought that being a housewife was the man’s choice for the women. I never thought that the woman would choose to stay home on her own free will. This made me think…Is marrying for money a good financial strategy or bad financial planning?

Not working is something that we as DINKs could not understand since every day we hustle in the 9-5 grind.  I could not imagine having money on my list of criteria for a boyfriend. I have enough troubles getting my boyfriend Nick to marry me now, imagine if I added another criteria to the list.

The guest on the talk show was Elizabeth Ford who is the author of the book “Smart Girls Marry Money”. The philosophy of her book says that love and the honeymoon phase vary and fade; but in the end money will always be constant in the relationship. I agree that marriage should be an economic partnership, but I don’t agree that money should be criteria for the relationship.

In my lifetime I have been middle to upper class, totally broke, and now financially stable. I cannot stand people who ask for and expect handouts. I believe that financial wealth comes from hard work and learning from our mistakes….not from a ring and a cheque book.  I love a good success story and I respect people who work for their millions.  I also believe in hard work and the daily hustle because we can never have enough money.

Ladies (and gentlemen) let me ask you. When money is a quality that your future husband must possess, would you continue dating someone that you were not interested in just because they had a lot of money?

If you marry for money and not for love what happens when you get divorced and you need to get a job? Anyone who marries for money should have a backup plan. The backup plan should not be a divorce settlement.  If there is no Plan B people may stay in an unhappy relationship just because they have no other financial options.  In my opinion, this is very sad.

Since when did money become dating criteria? Am I jaded, or has it always been there?

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