Money Management

Unlike the rest of the world, many Americans still write checks. While most overseas businesses switched to electronic payments several years ago, in the United States, most businesses use checks over 50 percent of the time. Let’s look at reasons to still use paper checks. Checks Are Familiar Although the younger generations embraced electronic banking […]

Good personal finance practices early in life will give you a cushion, especially when most needed, like if you hit on hard times and retirement. Make every effort to cultivate positive habits while unlearning those that pose a danger to your financial security. Here are six tips for managing your money better, plus a bonus […]

If you need some money in a hurry to meet an unexpected cost or to see your finances through to the next paycheck, it can quickly stress you out when you have to find a fast solution. A good way of avoiding that scenario in the future would be to work out a way to […]

Invoice factoring is currently a popular way to improve cash flow in the trucking and transportation industries. Freight factoring in particular has allowed numerous trucking company owners to improve cash flow in innovative ways. Access to immediate cash — rather than waiting 30 to 60 to 90 days for invoices to clear — allows trucking companies […]

No matter how well you think you know to budget and handle your money, it is always a good thing to read or hear a tip or two on this. The secret formula to managing your money perfectly is non-existent. It is highly subjective and dependent on person’s needs and affinities whatsoever. Nevertheless, check out […]

It’s hard not to notice that some people seem to be better with money than others and then there a few who seem to act like a magnet for cash, so is that sheer luck or is it about what you do with your money when you have it? Millionaires mostly try to retain their […]

We all have various items in the home that we no longer want, use or need. However, many of us just leave them to fester rather than sorting through them. This means that they are taking up unnecessary space in your home. Moreover, you could be sitting on a small fortune, as you might be […]

Is 2017 a viable tenure to invest in Gold as safety deposits? Investment bankers often suggest retirees to convert their IRA or 40iK savings to gold bullions or jewelry. Is it a proper investment decision? Many investors are understandably apprehensive in fear of losing the power of cash. After all, conversion of savings to gold […]