Money Management

Success is always associated with wealth. Although you can be successful without becoming wealthy, most people who struggle financially consider financial independence as success. If you really want to succeed, clean up your finances and make an educated decision as to what kind of loan will take you on that path. Considering personal loans also […]

Unlike the rest of the world, many Americans still write checks. While most overseas businesses switched to electronic payments several years ago, in the United States, most businesses use checks over 50 percent of the time. Let’s look at reasons to still use paper checks. Checks Are Familiar Although the younger generations embraced electronic banking […]

Hey there DINKS! Today we have a guest post from fellow blogger, Jon Dulin. Enjoy! Most of us work for our money. We have to go to a job to earn an income so that we have the money to pay our bills and live life. But the rich really do have things figured out. […]

So many people proclaim that the next year will be their year. They are excited and determined to make things happen once it becomes January 1st. By February 1st, they are back to their old habits and ways. Saving money is usually a goal for many people for the New Year. It may be easier […]

Today we have a guest post for you from fellow personal finance blogger, Anum Yoon. It was payday last Friday, but you already spent your entertainment budget for the week. Or maybe you’ve had to adjust your budget to account for the rising heating costs this winter. No matter how you add it up, your […]

What’s going on Dinks? Since most of you reading this are DINKS, then you should enjoy this article a lot. For people that aren’t DINKS, hopefully, this article will keep you motivated until you get there. Today, I will be discussing the effects of couples having dual incomes. Having dual incomes is great if you […]

The other day I discussed ways that you can review your expenses. Those three ways were to use Mint, use a transaction register and to review your bank statement each month. Those three ways are very helpful in looking at your expenses. There are other ways that you can track your money as well. One […]

Good Morning, Dinks! How is everyone today? I hope all is well. Do anyone’s expenses seem to fluctuate each month? For the most part, my expenses stay the same. I know what bills I’m paying, and I usually budget for everything else.  Some people have no idea where their money is going. At the end of each […]