Weekly roundup: Moving, FinCon14 and New Orleans

March 14, 2014

Happy Friday Dinks.  It’s almost time for the NCAA March Madness tournament.  Let me ask you a question, do you love basketball?  As you know I am not a huge sports fan but there is something about a win or go home sports tournament. In other news… (the journalist in me has always wanted to […]

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I live my life 2 weeks at a time

March 13, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  Think about your monthly budget.  We’ll come back to it in a minute.  After the passing of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker I decided to re-watch all the movies in one sitting, that’s six all together.  There is one movie; I think it’s the first one, where Vin Diesel says “I […]

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How are you planning for retirement? How are your parents?

March 12, 2014

Good morning Dinks. If you are like me then your parents are retired.  Well at least one of mine is.  My Dad is 60 and he retired almost five years ago and now spends his days playing poker with his friends.  My Mom tried to retire once but she didn’t really like it so she […]

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Building Wealth On $600 Dollars Per Month

March 11, 2014

Hello Folks, It’s been a while since we reported on our personal finance so I thought it might be good to put up a quick posting about what we’ve been doing to build our wealth over the past couple of months.  In general, we’ve been doing a lot to increase our bottom line. However, this […]

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Tenant Nightmares: Have You Seen My Snake?

March 10, 2014

My friend Mark told me the funniest story this week about his tenants and I just have to share.  Every time I hear or read a story about a tenant nightmare, cough cough wink wink to Sandy@YesIAmCheap, I am thankful that I still rent and have not jumped into the real estate business. Have I […]

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Effective Retirement Investing With Barbara Friedberg

March 8, 2014

Do You Care About Building Wealth? I started investing in my 20’s and continued non-stop, through thick and thin. My husband and I reached our retirement goals a few years ago, and I want you to understand just how easy it is to amass hundreds of thousands of dollars for retirement. If you would like […]

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Weekly roundup: Boston, Kindness and Decluttering

March 7, 2014

Good morning Dinks and Happy Friday.  As you read this I am on my way to Boston.  I decided to give my boyfriend Nick a little break and take a weekend road trip with my two friends.  I absolutely love Boston and this time we have some really cool activities planned. When I’m on vacation […]

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Being debt free saved my relationship

March 6, 2014

Good morning Dinks people always say that being debt free gives us a sense of freedom and it’s true.  It lets us do other things with our money that don’t revolve around paying interest and paying bills.  Financial freedom truly comes when you can choose to do what you want with your money as oppose […]

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Avoid spending splurges with 3 easy tips

March 5, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  I am admitted former spend-a-holic.  I am also a 33 year old who used to be over $50k in debt.  Thankfully I turned my entire life, including my finances, around and now I’m debt free.  I say that because when I decided to take my finances into my own hands and control […]

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