How to Travel Alone and Be Safe

by Kristina on August 19, 2015 · 0 comments

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As you know I love travelling.  If I had access to unlimited money I would travel all the time.  Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t share the same passion.  Every single time I think of a fabulous destination or a weekend getaway I always ask him if he wants to come, even though I know the answer.  However that doesn’t stop me.  If I can’t find someone to travel with then I just travel alone.

I know this may seem weird for someone who lives with her boyfriend, but I can’t let him stop me from seeing the world.  I figure when he starts to miss me too much he’ll start travelling with me.  The reverse psychology isn’t working yet, but it’s all part of my master plan.

To all my fellow single travellers out there I’ve learned a few things over the years that help me keep safe in foreign cities.

Plan your route ahead of time

There is no bigger red flag for thieves than someone looking at a map.  It’s like you have a neon flashing sign that says I’m disoriented and don’t know where to go so rob me.  I always plan my trip ahead of time – way ahead of time, even before I leave.  Before I touch down on the ground I usually know where I want to go and what I want to see…but I don’t know how to get there.

I leave that up to my trusted Google search.  Each day I plan my route and write down any subways and buses I need to take as well as street names and addresses.  Sometimes I even take a photo of the screen on my phone so I just look like I’m reading an email instead of searching for directions.

Stick to public spaces

Short cuts are a no-no when you’re travelling alone.  Back alleys and abandoned parks can only lead to bad things.  Stay on main roads and just follow your directions, you’ll also get to see more of the city this way.

Don’t stop in front of your door

If you’re looking for your hotel room key in your purse by the time you get the door open someone could be standing right behind you and force their way in.  I know this sounds like something that only happens in the movies, but I’m sure at some point it was based on a true story.  Search for your hotel room key in the elevator and have it ready in hand when you get to your room.

Always use the double lock

I am super paranoid and have trouble sleeping in my own bed at home, so to say I don’t get much sleep in hotels when travelling is an understatement – thanks goodness for Nyquil.  Using the dead bolt lock on my hotel room door always makes me feel a bit more comfortable when I’m travelling alone.


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