I don’t love everything about money, it’s true.

by Kristina on March 24, 2014 · 6 comments

Good morning Dinks.  I know that I’m only 33 years old but I see a huge difference in my life between now and when I look back to myself in my 20s.  I know that we all change as we get older but I thought it would be a gradual progression.  I didn’t think that I would actually wake up one day, feel the difference and notice it as much as I do.

As you know I have had my share of money misfortunes in the past.  I am not complaining because they were all a direct reflection of my own actions.  I have learned from my money mistakes.  Now I earn more, spend less, splurge less and save more.

Overall I have a happy financial life.  But that’s not to say I am happy with everything related to money.  I control my own actions and I am happy I made smarter choices about money such as having multiple streams of income and learning to cut my expenses.  However, there are some aspects about money that I just can’t control and those are the ones that drive me crazy.

3 things I could live without when it comes to money:

– Going to the ATM or worse, the bank.  I know I’m a former bank employee and now that I don’t work in a bank I have to go to the bank for some transactions.  It turns out I hate going to the bank.  I also hate waking to find an ATM to get cash.

My life was much simpler when I worked in a bank and could do all my banking during work hours.   I usually take cash back when I go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy because I hate paying ATM fees.  I also really hate going out of my way to find an ATM, but I will do it to avoid paying bank fees.

– Wasting money with bad service.  I really hate spending money in places where the customer service is bad.  I usually walk out of a store if the customer service is bad because I would rather not get the items I need rather than give my money to a store that doesn’t deserve it.

Bad customer service is a no-no for me.  I am a former customer service employee and I know the sales of the store are to a certain extent in the hands of the employees and their customer service.  If I need something I will go to my favorite store.  If the customer service sucks I will find the item somewhere else.

– Waiting to be paid.  I know we shouldn’t take money for granted and we shouldn’t count on money that we don’t actually have in our hands.  This is why I hate waiting for money.  I don’t like to lend money to friends because I hate waiting for them to pay me back.

I also don’t like friends lending me money, even if it’s for dinner because I hate the stress of having to owe them back.  Waiting to see them again so I can pay them back as soon as possible is excruciating pain for me and I hate it.  This is why I always pay my own way.  I don’t expect anyone to ask me for money.  If they do ask I have no problem saying no.

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1 The First Million is the Hardest March 24, 2014 at 10:27 pm

I hate going to the bank & ATM. Thankfully 99% of the time I can live with online transactions and cards, but those rare times I need to deposit/withdraw cash always seem like such a hassle.

2 Brock @cleverDude March 25, 2014 at 7:44 am

To be honest, the whole budgeting, talk about money, and figure out what we’re going to do with our money isn’t even close to being fun for me. It would be so easy to just ignore it all. But it’s a necessary evil, and a very important one at that. I find that writing about it helps keep it in the forefront of my mind so I force myself to do it. :)

3 James March 25, 2014 at 10:41 pm

Hey First Million,

Its true that dealing with cash is pain, but the reality is that you’ll spend less if you go with cash. Something about the use of material money, as opposed to electronic money, makes people want to hold onto it more.



4 Kristina March 29, 2014 at 10:04 pm

Going to the bank or trying to find an ATM is a hassle. But what can you do. Until our world is run with virtual money I guess we all have to learn to live with the paper stuff.

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