Jeff Rose gets personal in Soldier of Finance

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Jeff Rose, CFP®Good morning Dinks.  Today I am excited to tell you a little bit about my friend Jeff Rose and his newest venture.  You may know Jeff from his personal finance blog Good Financial Cents or you may know him from his work at The Debt Movement.  And now you’ll know him from his new book Soldier of Finance.

Enlist in a financial boot camp

Do your finances need a good kick in the butt? If you want to change your personal spending habits, increase your net worth, pay down your debt and find investment strategies that work for you, then Jeff Rose can help…and he will.

This book starts with the question “What the hell am I doing here?” If you have ever thought that about your money then raise your hand.  I am sure that we have all been there; I have definitely been there and done that.  I was so deep in debt that I bought the souvenir shot glass and mailed the postcard.

As an Iraq combat veteran, Jeff Rose doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Yes, he is a husband and a daddy of three so he does have a soft side, but not when it comes to money.  In his new book Rose gets down and dirty into everything related to personal finance from examining your past habits and dealing with personal issues to living happily ever after with your money.

imageIt’s not business, it’s definitely personal

Jeff Rose doesn’t hold anything back in Soldier of Finance as he talks about his time overseas, his money, his family and his career. This book reads like a personal story about one man’s money journey over the years.

I know what you’re thinking…OH NO, not another personal finance book by a personal finance blogger.  But the truth is that turning the pages of this book is like scrolling through one of Rose’s many websites.  Soldier of Finance includes interviews with other personal finance bloggers like J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy, photos of Rose’s time in the military and personal accounts of what his personal and financial lives have been like – up to now.

Solider of Finance is not another boring personal finance book.  Actually it’s quite the opposite.  Rose writes his book as if he is having a conversation with you in person.  Reading about his life is what kept me turning the pages; learning to be disciplined and getting my money right are just an added bonus.

Don’t get me wrong, Soldier of Finance is a hard-core-book that will kick-start your new financial life.  You can use it as a personal money journal to prioritize your debts, set your goals and track your progress.  Rose gives you pages to write down the personal financial states of your credit report, emergency savings and even your charitable donations.

From now on you will know exactly where your money is going, why you are making mistakes and how you are going to make your financial future better.

Why you need to get a copy of Soldier of Finance

As a fellow financial planner I could give you a whole list of reasons why Soldier of Finance is a good book, like it tells a personal story and you will definitely relate to it.  But the truth is that you should read this new book because Jeff Rose is a really great guy, who has a superior knowledge of personal finance and who can talk about money to people like they are actually people.

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