Are you jealous of other people’s net worth?

by Kristina on June 17, 2013 · 11 comments

Good morning Dinks. Do you love reading posts about other people’s net worth? If you answered yes let me ask you a question – why? I used to think that bloggers posting about their net worth was a dumb reason for a post because it seemed like they were bragging, but then as I read more and more posts about peoples net worth I found them to be very motivating because behind the bottom line financial bloggers are actually sharing their success stories of how they made their millions.

When I see bloggers posting about their net worth I am happy for them because they are achieving their goals. Growing my net worth to a certain number is not actually one of my personal financial goals but I enjoy reading about other bloggers who are achieving their personal goals

Outside of the online world are you happy for people who brag or talk about their net worth? In finance it is very common for coworkers to discuss their stock portfolios, the price of their new car and the profit they made when they sold their home. Comparing net worth’s and the value of stock portfolios is very common in personal finance, is this also common in other fields of work also?

Here are what some bloggers had to say about their net worth’s:

- J.Money @ Budgets Are Sexy started blogging with a net worth of $58k and now over four years later his net worth is close to $380k. Do you want to know how he did it? Don’t worry he gives a very detailed play by play each and every month.

Mr. J Money and his wife Mrs. Budgets Are Sexy set goals for themselves, they live with the basics without depriving themselves, they work their butts off and they save almost every single dollar that comes in. J Money and his wife welcomed their little bundle of joy Baby Money into the world almost a year ago and they already have over $3,000 saved for the baby’s college fund. Now that’s a goal worth saving for.

- I am 1 percent  tracks their net worth almost every single day and updates it on a monthly basis. If you have a question about anything in I am 1 per cents net worth updates please feel free to ask any questions because there is complete and total transparency here. Ask questions and get honest answers about how to constantly grow your new worth.

- Free Money Finance started tracking their net worth in 1996 and decided to take a macro approach to their net worth. Instead of updating their wealth on a daily, weekly or monthly basis they update their net worth every year to make sure they keep on track with their personal and financial goals, which includes donating to charities.

- The Financial Blogger tracks his assets and liabilities in his net worth updates and provides details about how he makes income from various sources.  The Financial Blogger’s income generating projects include niche sites and eBooks. He increases his net worth by always searching for new ways to earn income, invest wisely and pay down his debt.

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