Weekly roundup: Fast and Furious, The Hangover and Memorial Day

by Kristina on May 24, 2013 · 5 comments

Good morning and happy Friday Dinks.  As I write to you this morning I can hardly contain my excitement because today two totally amazing movies are being released and I don’t know which one to go see first. In a mere few hours I will be off work and ready to go to the movies to see either the new Fast and Furious movie or the new Hangover movie. Which one should I see first?

Action movies are my favourite type of movie, but then again, I also love a really good cry until you can’t breathe comedy, aka The Hangover 3.

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States so if you aren’t busy bar-b-q-ing you may have time to go see a movie.

I am definitely going to see both movies but I don’t know which one to see first. Let’s take a Dinks vote…

Which movie should I go and see first – Fast & Furious 6 or The Hangover Part 3?

While you are voting enjoy these great posts from our personal finance friends.

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

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