3 Tips to Help You Become Self Employed

by Kristina on June 5, 2012 · 1 comment

lightbulbGood Morning DINKS.  If you are like me then you have been working in the corporate world or for the same employer for a very long time. If you are really like me then you also have dreams of someday being self employed by following your dreams and making your personal passion your day job.

I actually really like working in personal finance, but my real passion is writing.  I hope to one day become a successful author of a “how to” personal finance series for teenagers, young adults, and people who are preparing to retire.  I also hope to publish a young adult fiction trilogy about dealing with all of life’s responsibilities as we grow up from teenagers into young adults. I want readers to know that it’s  normal for life to challenge us, and it’s how we choose to overcome those challenges that helps us become the person we grow up to be.

What is your personal passion?

MSN recently published an article titled “Canada’s Most Fabulous Entrepreneurs” if you are looking to become self employed and start your own business you may want consider these tips.

1. Have a Concept.  Many people want to open a business but opening just another business on the corner or just another location in a shopping mall won’t get people’s attention.  The concept of a business is just as important as the service they offer. The concept of your business is your everlasting first impression.  An entrepreneur named Devon Brooks opened a new concept of hair salons that offer blow dry’s only.  There are no haircuts and no hair colouring, just washes and blow dry’s. There are now 25 locations of her blow dry only concept hair salon (Blo Blow Dry Only) throughout Canada and the US.

2. Be Persistent. Very often start up businesses don’t make it past the first year and very often it can take several years before a start up business is successful; but no one said that being is business for yourself was going to be easy.  Guy Lailberte used to sleep on park benches before he created the entertaining concept of Cirque du Soleil; his empire is now currently worth over $2.5 billion with shows in various cities from Montreal to Las Vegas. The key to being successful is to never give up; there will be obstacles, setbacks and in some cases even law suits, but start up business owners will never have success if they give up.

3. Target a Niche Market. The president and CEO of Porter Airlines Mr. Robert Deluce didn’t invent the airplane, but he did introduce a short haul only airline that caters to travellers and business people who want a hassle free flying experience. Large commercial planes carry more passengers, and more passengers means more people to check in and longer waiting times for all passengers. Porter Airlines took an existing service and condensed it to make the flying experience more efficient for short haul travellers. Porter Airlines currently owns 26 planes and flies to 19 cities across Canadian and United States.

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