Book Review: Gents with no Cents

by Kristina on June 14, 2012 · 0 comments

Gents with No CentsGood Morning DINKS.  Today we are discussing two of my favourite topics…finance and reading.

Very often publishers and authors contact us at DINKS Finance so that we can review their books on our website.  I personally love doing this because I love reading; however I very rarely read books about finance because as a Financial Planner I work in personal finance 5 days a week.  I absolutely love reading because it allows me to escape from my life and live in another city with different people in a different time.

Unfortunately since my eye surgery I haven’t been able to do a lot of reading because I can’t focus on the small print and I am unable to focus on one thing for too long; therefore it takes me forever to get through a book. Thankfully I recently found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I also found myself with a great book to read thanks to author Ron DeLegge II.

Gents With No Cents

The bear market edition of Gents with no Cents takes a look at Wall Street, its customers, financial regulators, and the media. Whether you are new to investing, if you have a personal interested in finance, or if you are an experienced wall street veteran this book is an engaging and humorous read.

Ron DeLegge is not a financial professional, he claims to be a wall street observer and that’s why the book Gents with no Cents speaks to the masses.  Ron DeLegge is a regular media reader, a personal investor , and a propaganda hater like many other people who have watched the market with anticipation over the last few years and who have lived through many wall street scandals.  This makes the book Gents with no Cents an original read because his opinions are from an outsider; they are not from a CEO who is trying to protect his annual bonus, they are not a member of the Board of Directors who is trying to protect the interests of his shareholders, and they are not a stock broker who makes a deal based on insider information from the trading floor.

I love this book because the content is raw and Ron DeLegge actually has an opinion, unlike so many other financial authors who write about mainstream information and the opinions that they feel “appeal” to everyone.  Actually in the introduction Ron DeLegge admits that he shopped his book proposal around to several different publishers who wanted absolutely nothing to do with his potentially controversial book about wall street and the people who run it along with the people who invest in it and the media who reports on it.

If you want to read a book about finance that is not boring then I suggest you pick up a copy of Gents with Cents today. You can purchase your copy directly from Amazon.

Connect with Ron DeLegge II

The author Ron DeLegge II currently writes daily articles and a monthly newsletter for ETF Guide  where he has been the editor since 2003.  He has been an on air host since 2005 and you can listen to Ron DeLegee’s podcast on  You can also connect with Ron DeLegge II on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked in.

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