Love Drop is helping Melanie in Boston

by Kristina on September 8, 2011 · 0 comments

This month Love Drop is collecting money and goods for Melanie who is a wonderful mother of four great kids.  Melanie’s life was recently turned upside down when she was hit by a car while walking near her home. Thankfully Melanie survived the car accident and now she is on the long road to recovery.  Melanie tries to keep a positive attitude because even though she now has limited mobility, at least she is still able to spend every day with her four kids.

Melanie’s life and the lives of her four children have now been changed forever; Love Drop wants to help make the transition to her new life with limited mobility a little bit easier. Three things that Melanie and her family could really use right now are a front-loading washer and dryer, as well as a new stove with front controls.  Melanie loves to cook and she would love to continue doing so for her family.

As a coupon blogger, Melanie is no stranger to budgeting, personal finance, and saving money.  She often uses her money-saving abilities to help out others in the community. It may be ten months to a year until Melanie’s life is close to how it was before the car accident. This month Love Drop really wants to bring together people in the personal finance community as well as in Melanie’s community who want to help get her house ready for the upcoming stretch of rehab and recovery.

You Can Help Melanie and Her Family in Four Different Ways:

  1. Donate Appliances that Melanie can access from her wheelchair.
  2. Give $1.00 or two – even the smallest gifts can go a long way.
  3. Share this site with others and help spread the word about Love Drop.
  4. Offer a Gift or Service. Gift Cards are always helpful for families.

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