Live Love and Laugh with Lucy.

by Kristina on August 10, 2011 · 1 comment

This month Love Drop is working with two of the sweetest sisters you’ll ever meet. Lucy was a healthy young woman until last fall.  Less than a year ago Lucy was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia which is a very rare and very life-threatening disease. Lucy’s best chance for survival is a bone marrow transplant, and her sister Tracy is a perfect match.

These two sisters and their family are staying strong with positive attitudes as they work together through the toughest time of their lives. This month Love Drop wants to provide Lucy with $3000 to help pay for six months of her insurance premiums.  Lucy is always worried that she won’t have enough money to pay her monthly insurance premiums.  I think we can all agree that Lucy has enough to worry about; she doesn’t also need to worry about losing her financial lifeline.  As a thank-you gift to the Love Drop community, Lucy’s family will be sending out special “Lucy” bracelets to anyone who gives more than $25 to help Lucy.

Love Drop also wants to deliver hand written letters with words of encouragement for Lucy and her family.  If you have 15 minutes and a stamp please take the time to write some kind words to Lucy and her family.

Lucy’s sister Tracy is very proud and happy that she is the one who gets to help save Lucy’s life.  Tracy says that her purpose in life is to help her sister because Lucy was her best friend when she didn’t deserve it, and Lucy picks her up when she is down.

Lucy’s family is a very close family with a special bond. Lucy’s Dad often tells her that she has to stay positive and that she can’t quit. He has always been a shining light for his daughters; it breaks his heart that he cannot fix this for his daughter Lucy.  He tries to help Lucy by keeping a positive attitude; I think that we can all do the same.

Please visit the Love Drop homepage to give a gift, and share some Love with Lucy.  Don’t forget to send Lucy a letter with your love and encouragement to help her and her family through this tough time in their lives.

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