family-eating-at-the-table-619142_640Money is what makes the world go around. Love it or hate it, that’s the world that we live in. It’s important that you’re making the best financial decisions for you and your family. Luckily, there are a few simple investments that you can make that can jumpstart your finances. Regardless if you’re a finances rookie or a veteran, these 5 things will play a huge part in the future financial security of your family.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the best safety nets that you could ever buy for your loved ones. If something tragic were to happen to you, your loved ones would be responsible for all of your debts and other final expenses. Life insurance is the best way to ensure that your family has the money that they need, regardless of what happens to you.

There are dozens of different options for life insurance coverage that you can choose between, each of them has different advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to consider based on your specific needs. The most common type of plan is a term insurance plan, which is going to be the most affordable kind of coverage. These plans are bought for a certain length of effectiveness, and after that, you’ll no longer have coverage. Because you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, you shouldn’t wait any longer to invest in a life insurance plan for your family.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Another insurance plan that you’ll need to invest in is a quality homeowner’s insurance policy. Your home is not only your biggest purchase, but it’s also where you have all of your meals and put your head down to rest. If something tragic were to happen to you, your family would struggle to replace all of your belongings, but that’s where a homeowner’s insurance plan comes in.

A homeowner’s insurance plan would help you replace all of your furniture, repair your home, and fix any damages to your stuff if tragedy were to strike. You can’t control the weather, but having an insurance plan in place will protection you against some of the natural disasters.

College Savings Plan

If you didn’t know, college is expensive. If you have kids that are going to further their education one day, it’s important that you start saving for the tuition costs today. One of the best ways that you can do that is by opening up a 529 college savings plan.

A 529 Plan is a savings account that is operated by a state or college that anyone can use to start saving for college. These plans are an excellent way to set aside money for any education expenses and get tax advantages. Investing in your children’s future is one of the best ways that you can spend your money.


We don’t mean investing in actual acorns. If you’re looking for a simple way to increase your investing, Acorns is a great way to do that. With Acorns, all you have to do is download the app, sync your financial accounts, and then the app will handle all of the investing for you.

Acorns will automatically invest some of the spare change that sits around in your accounts and will invest it into a variety of different places. This is a great way to diversify your portfolio with “micro-investing” using money that would be sitting there otherwise. The longer that you let Acorns do its job, the more money that you’re going to make on your tiny investments.

Retirement Savings

Retirement can be one of the best stages of your life. It’s the point that you can kick your feet back and enjoy all of the hard work, but if you aren’t planning, then it could be one of the worst times of your life. When you’re planning for your retirement, there are several different ways that you can start your savings, either by opening a 401k or IRA.

If your employer offers any matching program for a 401k, you should always max out that program. Not taking advantage of that program is like leaving free money on the table.

Investing for your Family

It’s important that you make wise financial decisions for your family. Not taking control of your finances is one of the worst things that you can do for your loved ones. Don’t wait any longer to create a financial road map and make the investments for the future security of your family.

Australia's fitness guru, ashy bines net worth, story of ashy bines

There is more to Ashy Bines, the Australian fitness queen, than her clean-eating diets and mass exercise events. Although the World Booty Tour host charges big bucks for her workout programs, her finances might not be reflective of her lavish Instagram posts. Bines has a massive fan base that participates in her regular exercise and health programs. Her success would indicate a massive fortune, but her tax problems, court battles, and mass complaints point to financial struggles. So what is Bines’s net worth?

Bines’ 12-week Bikini Body Challenge is priced at $6.95 a week. She also has a lengthy list of other products including clothing, superfood concoctions, teas, and desserts. She’s also a social media megastar, with nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram and over 2.2 million Facebook followers. Her YouTube channel, which features her reality TV show, tutorials on weight loss, and recipes touts almost 90,000 subscribers. She also regularly goes on tour with her workout programs — hosting hundreds of women in major cities around the world. These endeavors inevitably earn her big bucks in advertising, and routine plays and ‘likes’ on her social media pages would maintain regular cash flow for the fitness guru.

However, Bines’ net worth is estimated to be around $150,000. In 2015, Bines was chased by the Australian tax office for owing $300,00 in tax debt and $295,955 in unpaid interest. That same year, fellow fitness evangelist, Emily Anderson sued Bines’ husband, Steven Evans, who allegedly promised to help launch Anderson’s fitness career, for $501,619 claiming that he spent authorized funds and inadequate social media marketing. In Anderson’s case, one of the payments was for $2,500 to Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge.

Another personal trainer, Allie Dodds called out Bines for stealing recipes for her $100 e-book “Ashy Bines Clean Eating Recipe Book”. Initially, Bines approached Dodds about using her recipes for her Facebook fans. Dodds agreed under the premise that the recipes would be credited to her. However, according to the Daily Mail, she later found out that her salmon and sushi recipes were published in Bines’ book. Bines apologized in a video, claiming that she had “outsourced” the recipe duties to an unnamed nutritionist. It seems that claims of plagiarism and fraud have subsided in the last couple of years.

Bines’ net worth should be around $1,100,000. However, her financial situation has been on a downward spiral since shutting down her restaurant Ashy’s Clean Eating Kitchen and splurging on an extravagant Bali wedding and a decadent honeymoon in the Maldives. She also dropped $1.4 million on the Ashy Bines Transformational Centre, a gym with only 2.8-star rating on Google.

The demise of the Ashy Bines empire is facilitated with Facebook groups and forums like the “Ashy Bines & Co – Review and Expose” where former fans discuss long-awaited refunds and Bines’ controversial business practices. After giving birth to her son, her body suspiciously went back to its toned physique in a matter of weeks, and her fans and critics alike questioned her healthcare practices. She has also been accused of photoshopping her social media posts, getting plastic surgery, and breast implants.

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sell used books online, selling used books, secondhand booksAny book lover has a growing collection of fiction books they’ve already read and probably won’t ever read again. Piles of unwanted novels and memoirs only take up space and gather dust. De-cluttering your home of neglected books is not only a way to organize your living space, but it’s also a creative alternative to making easy cash. Ebay is no longer the only venue for selling fiction books online. Now, there are several online marketplaces that make book selling fast and easy. Here’s our guide:

Powell’s Books. Portland’s most beloved and famous bookstore, Powell’s takes used books with open arms. Even if you’re not near the hipster capital of the Pacific Northwest, you can sell your fiction books to Powell’s online. Just punch in the book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number, usually found on the back cover near the bar code) and get an immediate quote. Powell’s pays for the shipping and gives you store credit or a PayPal deposit.

Sell Back Your Book. Powered by Ez Book Recycle, are veterans in the book selling business. They buy virtually any kind of book — except encyclopedia sets, books without ISBNs, teacher’s editions, and instructor edition textbooks. They also only buy one copy per title policy. They also offer free shipping and guarantee payment in three days of arrival.

Cash4books. For those who are looking to get cash for their old textbooks, fiction, and non-fiction, Cash4books is a one-stop-shop. Specifically geared towards readers of modern classics, they only purchase books that were published in the last three years. Books with any severe wear and tear won’t be accepted along with books that feature your personal highlighting or any other kind of writing. Just like any respectable book buyer, Cash4books pays for shipping and pays via check or PayPal.

Facebook Marketplace. If you’re not satisfied with the bids that online book buyers are offering, you can always post your own rate on Facebook. More than 450 million Facebook users use the social media platform to buy and exchange furniture, clothing, cars, and books. It was only a matter of time that Facebook decided to roll out its own marketplace. Just like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace regional feature only lets people in your area view what you have to sell. Currently, Facebook Marketplace is only available on your iPhone or Android. But, it’s easy to just snap a photo and upload it to the store.

Book Scouter. You want to get the most amount of money for your used books. It can be time consuming and frustrating to check out each individual vendor’s rates for your books. That’s why there’s Book Scouter. This platform queries your book’s ISBN to nearly 50 book buyers — including the major players like and Amazon — to find you best offer. They have a curated list of preferred merchants that are considered dependable and trustworthy. Sellers are also invited to leave ratings and reviews about their experience with a vendor. For people who have no time to waste, Book Scouter can also be found in the Apple App Store, so you can sell your book while on the go.

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