Tasty AAPL

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APPL DINKs Finance We’ve been watching the rise of AAPL stock (Apple, Inc.) closely.

Apple announced a 7-to-1 split coming up in June, and the stock jumped 8% today! The word on the street is that AAPL is poised for record growth on solid earnings.

When I initially bought AAPL in July of 2011, James was a naysayer in that he felt the stock was too expensive. We’ve gone round and round about this, but my strategy is that it doesn’t matter how “expensive” the stock is, only how much it will go up in value. My initial purchase was for $331 per share and I added more to that at the start of 2012 at $423.

While I had watched the stock climb in that six month period, I also felt that I’d kick myself later if I didn’t buy more. With the price now around $568, I’m pretty happy to have cost averaged, even if that means I’ve cumulatively made less per share. My initial investment has gone up by 70% and my second batch by 35%.

My overall investment of around $20k, in 53 shares, is now at over $30k. Both chunks of cash are in retirement mechanisms, 2/3 in my ROTH and 1/3 in a rollover account. It will be interesting to see where things go, but I don’t mind have 371 to watch the show!

I bought where the dot is! I bought where the dot is!

Anyone else out there happy to have a piece of the AAPL?

Happy day!



Our house money

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Money Stack

Good morning Dinks.  As you may remember I have always been a big advocate of couples keeping their money separate.  I believe that each person in a relationship should contribute equally to all joint expenses (not necessarily personal wants) but that doesn’t necessarily mean couples have to combine their finances.

Maybe it’s because Nick and I started dating when we were 19 and we didn’t have any money.  We kept our bank accounts separate because there was no need to open a joint bank account.  We both had part time jobs, we both had some help from our parents and we both had individual expenses to pay; so there was no need to have a joint bank account.

 A joint bank account makes life easier

Or does it?  After 14 years of dating I can say that Nick and I finally opened a joint bank account.  Not too long ago we made an appointment at the bank and opened a joint checking account.  After discussing a variety of factors such as the cost of monthly bank fees and the bank branch location proximity to our apartment Nick and I decided to open a joint bank account with my bank.  Yes that’s right, previously not only did we not have a joint bank account but we didn’t even have the same bank.

This past weekend we were at Best Buy buying some things for the apartment.  When we got to the cash I had three DVDs in my hand and Nick had a game for our new Wii console as well as a power bar.  The cashier asked us if we would like to pay together or separately.  Normally we would pay for everything with our own bank accounts, but then I remembered – we have a joint bank account.

Keeping separate accounts isn’t a sign of distrust

My friends can’t believe that Nick and I didn’t have a joint bank account.  When they asked me why we chose to keep our money separately my response was always the same “We don’t need it.”  And the truth is we didn’t, and we don’t.  In our relationship each of us pays our half of the expenses and that’s always the way it’s been.  It’s not that I don’t trust Nick with my money and I’m sure he trusts me with his (being that I’m a financial planner), but we really have no need for a joint bank account.

We opened one because we didn’t have one, and a couple who have been together for 15 years should probably have one.  But the truth is it really hasn’t changed the way we manage our money.  In our house we split all expenses down the middle regardless of how we pay for them.

Maybe this is because Nick and I make approximately the same income, or maybe it’s because we have been through almost every possible financial situation together – both good and bad.  Maybe it’s because we completely trust each other.  But if you ask me Nick and I keep our money separately because his money is his and my money is mine.  If we were to break up I wouldn’t expect to have a claim on any of his money and I wouldn’t expect him to want any of mine.  Fingers crossed it never comes to that.

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It only takes one person

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April 12 Suite Tie

Good morning Dinks.  Have you ever had one of those days when things just didn’t go as planned?  I like to plan.  I like to wake up in the morning and know what’s coming.  I like to know what the day has in store for me.  Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned.  It only takes one person to change your life – for better or worse.

Last week I had a really bad money day.  It seemed from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep everything related to money went wrong in my life.  It was just one event after another of things that went wrong.  First there was the cost of an unnecessary taxi to work because I was late, then there was fraud on my credit card and finally I overpaid for a hair appointment and ended up in a rain storm.

One person can make a difference

Sometimes people say I can’t make a difference because I’m only one person.  But that’s far from the truth.  Think of the last time you did something good, it may have been a small gesture but it made a big difference.  A monetary donation of any amount can make a difference.  Sometimes people don’t donate money to a good cause because they don’t think their contribution makes a difference.

Think about this, if everyone gave $10 it can add up to a big difference.  Think about the last time you were calculating a tip at a restaurant.  If you gave an extra $1 and everyone else did too then that server would make a lot more money every day.

Who gave you your big break?

I will never forget the people who gave me a chance in life.  My grade 8 teacher Mrs. Collins was the first person (other than my parents) who ever believed in me.  She encouraged my writing and also encouraged my dancing.  She was a major influence in my life.  It only takes one person to believe in you and encourage your passion to make you great at it.  I will always be grateful to Mrs. Collins for not letting me give up on my love of writing.

My former boss Nicole gave me my first full time job after graduation.  I applied for a job as an administrative assistant and she gave me a job as a financial planner.  Actually she saw so much potential in me that she created a trainee position while I studied to get my certification as a financial  planner.  This is the point in my life where I made a turn for the better.  I went from being a student to being a full time professional and my life got a lot better because of it.

Most recently I had someone who gave me a second chance at a career.  After over a decade of working in banking I made the change from financial planning to corporate communications.  A woman named Claudia hired me to write full time for an international investment firm.  She let me make the move towards a new career and gain new experience.  I am thankful she believed in me and gave me a second chance at a new career.

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April 22, 2014

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Don’t pay full price for anything

April 14, 2014

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