cellHello, Dinks. Most people can’t live without their cell phone these days. They use them for a lot of things. You want to make sure that you are paying the best price for your cell phone bill. The days of paying $100 for a single line should be over. If you’re still paying that amount or higher, I want you to pay special attention to today’s post. I will be sharing eight ways that will help you lower your cell phone bill.

Shop around

The first thing that you should do is shop around. The worst thing that you can do is stay with a provider even though their prices are ridiculous. In this day and age, there are a lot of cell phone companies out there. Take the time to compare the service and pricing of each one.


Going the prepaid route is something that you can consider. I’ve had a prepaid phone for a few years now. I don’t have any complaints. I have the same plan that I had back in my contract days, but I’m paying $60 less. You can’t beat that. Anyone would enjoy saving $720 a year. With the prepay option you are still able to get the top phones as well.

Employee discounts

The next way to help lower your cell phone is to use an employee discount. A lot of companies offer discounts for their employees. You can check your benefits package to see if your company qualifies. The employee discount can be anywhere from 10-30 percent. Saving any amount of money is good.

Lower your plan

When you get a chance, I want you to check your last two phone bills. Review your usage. If you see that you are using less than the amount you’re paying for you should consider changing your plan to a smaller one. For example, if you have a data package that offers 8 GB, but you are only using 4, you should change your plan. There is no reason to be paying for an expensive date package if you’re not suing it all.


Insurance on your phone may or may not be worth it. I was under contract for eight years with my cell phone provider. I only used the insurance policy six times during that period. I’m not sure if that extra $7-$10 each month was worth it. For most people, it would probably not be. If your phone happens to break you can probably get a replacement on eBay or Amazon. Depending on your phone type it would probably be cheaper that what you’re paying for in the insurance for the year.

Family plan

Getting a family plan with your wife or husband could cut down on the price you’re paying. A lot of providers will charge you less for two combined lines than they would for two single lines.

Don’t cancel contract

If you can help it, don’t cancel a cell phone contract. The fees that they will charge you are ridiculous. I would suggest waiting for your contact to end before you jump ship to another provider. Your wallet will thank you.

Review your bill

The last thing that you should do is review your statement. Make sure that you aren’t getting charged any fees for going over your data or text message limits. If you are, it may be time to change your plan or provider.

How do you keep you keep your cell phone bill low?

lowcostHello, Dinks. If you’re like me, you enjoy having a good time. You look forward to having fun, but don’t want to go broke doing it. Today, I have some low-cost entertainment ideas that you may be interested in.

Take a walk

The first low-cost entertainment idea that I have is to take a walk. You and your significant other can take a walk around your neighborhood. If you want to go somewhere else, you can take a stroll at a park. You can get fresh air and enjoy each other’s company. Walking is also good for you. It will help you lose calories.

Play a game

Games are fun. You can play a board game or an outdoor game. Some games are fun with just you and one other person while others are better with a group of individuals. Monopoly, Uno, and Scrabble are examples of board games. Tennis and basketball are games that can be played outside.

Volunteer work

Volunteer work can be very helpful. You are giving back to your community and making a difference. Depending on who you volunteer with you may have the opportunity to meet some like-minded individuals.

Take a drive

Taking a drive somewhere can be exciting. It allows you to get out of your comfort zone especially if you go someplace new. You also get the chance to visit a new area in the city that you aren’t used to. With gas prices being so cheap, you can drive farther distances.

Attend a festival

The next thing on the list is to attend a festival. The city where I live in has a lot of festivals. They tend to vary in price. You should search for ones that are free or reasonably priced. You can check your local paper or online to see what festivals are coming to your city. We are currently in festival season in my area. It will last until October.

Check out a lecture

A lot of colleges and universities have lectures that are free to the public. The lectures are usually presented on numerous topics. The lectures may feature actors, writers, and activists. Check with your local university to see if they have any coming up.


Don’t laugh, but visiting the library could be some fun. If you love to read, you have a plethora of books to choose from. Libraries also have music and movies that you can check out. Some libraries also offer different types of classes that you can take.

Cook a meal

The final item on the list is to cook a meal. Since this post is low-cost entertainment ideas, the meal shouldn’t be too expensive. A homemade pizza or a pot of chili could be something that you can make. These dishes are very easy to cook, and the ingredients are cheap.

In review, the low-cost entertainment ideas are to take a walk, play a game, do some volunteer work, go for a drive, attend a festival, check out a lecture, visit the library, and cook a meal.

What is your favorite low-cost entertainment idea?

Financial Aid OptionsFor Returning StudentsA lot of people are going back to school in their late 20’s and early 30’s. They have lived life a bit and now realize that they need to either finish their Bachelor’s or pursue a Master’s Degree so that their career can get to the next level. Some of these people may not know or remember the type of financial aid that is available for them. Today, I want to go over several types of financial aid options that may be available for those returning students.

Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is free money that doesn’t have to be paid back. You can only receive the Pell Grant if you have not earned your Bachelor’s degree yet. The amount of Pell Grant that you can receive depends on your financial need, whether you’re a full-time or part-time student and your cost of attendance.

Federal Direct Loans

A lot of students qualify for some Federal Direct loans when they return to school. There are three types that I will be discussing.

Direct Subsidized Loans

The students with the lowest EFC score are awarded these types of loans. They are available for undergrad students. The US Department of Education pays the interest on them while you’re in school and for the first six months after you leave school. They also pay the interest for you during a period of deferment.

Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Unsubsidized loans are available for undergrad grad students regardless of need. The main difference with the unsubsidized loans is that they do charge interest on those loans while you are in school. You don’t have to make a payment until the loans enter repayment.

Direct Plus Loans

Graduate or Professional students can apply for a Plus loan. The Plus loan is credit based meaning that if your credit is bad, you will probably get denied. If you are approved for the Plus loan, you will receive an interest rate that is lower than the subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

The Federal Perkins Loan

The Perkins Loans is a low-interest loan for undergrad and graduate students. This loan is for students that show exceptional financial need. Every college doesn’t participate in the Perkins Loan program. Make sure that you check with the schools financial aid office if you need it.

Private Student Loan

Another option for funding is to look for a private student loan. Private loans are based on your credit. You also have to choose the lender on your own. The school that you are attending isn’t supposed to tell you exactly which lender to choose. They can give you suggestions, though. A good place to start your private loan search is with a bank or a credit union. The fees with the private loans will be different per lender. The interest rate will be different as well. Make sure you do your research and find the best private loan that suits your needs.


The last option for financial aid is scholarships. Free money is always good. Different colleges offer various types of scholarships. To figure out what scholarships your school offers you should check with their financial aid office. There are also websites that you can search for scholarships such as Fastweb and Scholarships.com.


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