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by Julie Morse on July 18, 2017 · 1 comment

investment tips, trading platform review, stock market tipsBack in the day, people used to call up their investor to let them know what stocks to buy, and then floor brokers would shout out trades in the trading pit. The dawn of internet has put the old-school investment practices to rest, and now everyone trades by the light of their glowing screens. Within this throng of innovative technology has emerged Motif Investing, a unique tool that allows investors to build and trade “motifs” — collections of 30 stocks or ETFs that pertain to a specific theme or industry.

Motif has an unusual approach to investment. Instead of trading by the share quantity, investors trade stocks in dollar amounts. This makes it easier for people to visualize their investments, especially those who are just banking on small amounts. The motifs are divided into two categories: professional motifs and community motifs. The professional motifs are curated by Motif’s staff, and the latter are developed by existing investors.

You can use filters to sift through the different kinds of motifs, such as green investing, social causes, current events, health care, real estate, social causes, financial services, and natural resources.

For example, doing a query for real estate could pull up a series of professionally-built stock baskets including housing recovery, office space, home improvement, renter nation, and millennials. The housing recover basket includes a run-down describing the historical trajectory of the housing market, a one-year index return graph, and stocks from homebuilder companies, real estate brokerage services, mortgage service providers, and building products. Currently, baskets runs at $9.95.

The motif catalog is organized according to performance, most purchased, and highest dividend yield. There is also a compiled list of 30-day winners and 30-day losers.

If you want to build your own motif, explore the stocks and ETFs and collect the ones you want. You can adjust their weighting through editing each individual selection or through market capitalization. The platform automatically shows you how your motif performed over the last year through benchmarking against the S&P 500.

Motif is perfect for investors who want to prioritize their interests, morals, and values when pooling their money into stocks and ETFs. For those with their focus zeroed in on specific industries, Motif also gives access to select public offerings with no commission or fee. Investors must shell out a minimum of $250 to take part in an IPO, and just like stocks, IPO orders are measured in dollar amounts and not by share.

Every Monday morning, Motif rebalances professional motif portfolios, allowing users to only reinvest in professional motifs or ones they have built themselves. That means if you’re an investor who practices dollar-cost averaging by routinely depositing cash into the same investment, you could save on commissions by using Motif.

For die-hard trading nerds, Motif is the trading platform of your dreams. The freedom to customize a portfolio by focusing on specific missions and industries is seldom prioritized in the robo-advisor market. That being said, it’s hard to say what’s in store for the future of high-tech investing.

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investing in yourself tips, how to improve yourself, improving yourselfYou are your biggest asset, so what’s stopping you from investing in yourself? Setting goals for yourself and honoring your passions are the best ways to build ‘self-worth.’ Sometimes we just get too caught up with chasing professional and financial aspirations that we forget to spend time on ourselves. There are millions of opportunities in life to take advantage of that will make you a stronger, happier, and more successful person. These are just a few to consider:

Find and develop a skill. From programming to knitting to taekwondo, there are skills that can help educate yourself and your community. Your skill set doesn’t have to be strictly business-related, it can be based on your personal interests. Here are some ways to discover your skills.

Education: Look through your local university or community college’s course catalog for degree and certificate programs in areas that you’ve always wanted to explore. Maybe you grew up speaking Farsi, but never learned to write and read it. Taking a few courses can advance your aptitude for the language, and soon you could be working in translation or teaching.

The arts: We are all creative in some way or another, it’s just a matter of how we discover our creativity. No one wants to drop hundreds of dollars at the art store if your greatest artistic strength is drawing stick figures. However, there are lots of ways to make art that are inexpensive or free, such as:

Watch life drawing tutorials on YouTube, and then go out to the park and practice sketching what you see.

Read an Ernest Hemingway or Joyce Carol Oates novel to gain an understanding of how narratives are created, then grab a pen and paper and start writing your own story.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, check out your local newspaper’s entertainment calendar for when musicians are playing for free. Listen to different genres to figure out which one ‘speaks’ to you the most, and find out what instruments are used to play it. If find that you love samba music, look for the cheapest berimbau and start practicing.

For people who like manual labor, trying out a pottery or sculpting class is a great way to use your creative energy to craft something with your hands.

Join a group: Pursuing your interests requires motivation, and inspiration is usually always found within the community. Once you’ve identified what personal interest you want to invest in, find a group that revolves around that skill., Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms for connecting with like-minded people. Start by searching with a #hashtag to identify individuals who can help you grow your skill set, and then reach out to those who you think you’ll connect with best.

Prioritize your health. You’re only a worthwhile investment if you’re treating your body with respect and self-care. Eat high-quality food that will give you energy. Relax and rest when you’re feeling tired, and make time to regularly exercise. When you’re feeling sick, go to the doctor and take preventative measures like daily vitamins and regular check-ups.

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personal finance, financial advice, financial tipsNo matter how well you think you know to budget and handle your money, it is always a good thing to read or hear a tip or two on this.

The secret formula to managing your money perfectly is non-existent. It is highly subjective and dependent on person’s needs and affinities whatsoever.

Nevertheless, check out these smart tips that will hopefully help you see a slightly different perspective and help you save a bit of your money at the end of the month.

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