extra money 3What’s going on Dinks? Today’s post is geared toward all the hustlers out there. If you have any extra time on your hands, you can make extra money. I will go over three things that you can sell today to make that extra money. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. You just have to have a little smarts and some decent ideas.


T-shirts are one of the oldest ways that some people make extra money. There is a reason why you always see t-shirt vendors at events. People love them and will shop with you if they like your shirts. T-shirt designs can be hard to figure out. What you may think is a good concept may be a horrible design to consumers.

In college, I worked at the Paula Deen restaurant and later her store which is located in Savannah, GA. She sold lots of interesting merchandise in the store. Something that always sold out was her t-shirts. There were all types of designs with crazy sayings. She figured out her target market and capitalized on it. After seeing her success, I thought to myself if she can do it, so can I. In 2009, I designed a shirt to sell during Savannah’s St Patrick’s Day celebration. If you don’t know, Savannah has one of the biggest St. Patty’s Day parades in the country. People come from all over to participate in the festivities.

I was able to sell all of the t-shirts that I had printed that year. That showed me that there is a market for them. During the years after, I’ve continued to sell shirts having some minor success.

If you’re interested in selling shirts, there are websites like Teespring where you can create a design, upload it and sell it on their website. You don’t have to worry about paying for shirts or anything. You make your money when you get a certain amount of sales (typically 3).


The next thing you can sell to make money are services. There are a lot of services that people do to make money. Lawn care, tutoring, writing and website design are just a few. Selling services have helped people pay off debt, start emergency funds, and become more comfortable financially. The better that your service is, the more money that you will be able to make. You can create your own rates, and you also work when you want to.

Old Shoes

Believe it or not, people will buy your old shoes. There are a lot of collectors out there. You may be surprised what you can get out of your closet and sell. Dress shoes and tennis shoes sell particularly well. I specialize in selling old Nike Jordan’s. I’ve been able to re-sell old beat up shoes for $80 – $150. If you don’t know what to sell, check eBay. There is a feature that shows you what shoes recently sold and how much they’ve sold for.

Many people need extra money from time to time. Anyone can sell the three things that I discussed earlier.

What do you do to make extra money?

Rental rates in top cities across the US can vary widely.

If you set a cap at $1,500, the amount of room and quality of rental you can get will also be vastly different, ranging from just over 200 square fee in NYC to almost 2,000 square feet in Memphis, TN.

Curious about what you can get for $1,500 a month in other cities across the US? Check out this infographic from RENTCafé.

spend lessHello, Dinks. The amount of money that people spend on food can be quite high. Some folks don’t even have a food budget. They just go to the store and buy what they want. They worry about the cost later. As Dinks, I know that you are focused on doing the right thing with your money. I’m sure you don’t blindly spend when you are shopping for food. If you or your wife or husband do struggle with spending on food, I have a few tips that should help you cut back on this major household expense.

Eat at fewer restaurants

If you’re one that likes to wine and dine your partner by going to restaurants often, you might want to change that habit up a little bit. Cutting back on the times you eat out will save you more in the long run. Think about it like this. Imagine that you spend $40 for a dinner for two at least once a week each month. That’s $160 that you are paying for restaurants each month. I’m not a shopping pro, but I know that if you take that $160 to the grocery store, you can buy enough food for way more than one meal.

Don’t go when hungry

Another way to spend less on food is not to go to the store when you’re hungry. You are setting yourself up for failure when you do that. I know that I’m not alone, but I’ve made the mistake of shopping while hungry before. I had the intention of grabbing a few small items. Twenty minutes later I’m at the register with a full cart. I ended up spending way too much money and purchased things that I would not have bought if I wasn’t hungry. My suggestion is not to go to the store when hungry. If possible eat a snack before you go.

Use coupons

It’s no secret that coupons can save you money when shopping. Couponing takes time, though. Some people including myself don’t take the time to do it each time they shop. Savings are left on the table when you don’t use coupons. Using coupons is something that I’ve been trying to do more of this year. It’s tough trying to find the extra time to do it. There are many coupon websites and phone apps out there to help consumers. You just have to take a little bit of time to find the ones that work best for you.

Stick to list

The last way to spend less money on food is to stick to your shopping list. How many times have you gone shopping and purchased items that weren’t on your list? We’re human. I’m sure that we all have done that once or twice. I know I have. When shopping, we have to be disciplined enough only to purchase things on the list. When you start randomly just putting items in your shopping cart, you run the risk of spending a whole lot more than you bargained for.

How do you save money on food?

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